National Investigation Agency(NIA) summons state officials


IMPHAL, Feb 2: Officials of major engineering departments of the state are bound for Delhi today to give their official statements to the National Investigation Agency (NIA) which is actively dealing with the case of the arrest of UNLF chairman RK Meghen alias Sanayaima during November last year.
It may be mentioned that, a team of National Investigation Agency (NIA) led by one Addl. SP, following the arrest of the UNLF chief visited the state during the first week of December last year and carried out their investigations to find out the funding agencies and the departments which have delivered monetary supports to the UNLF.
Sources maintained that the official team of NIA with full security provisions from the state government has collected evidences implicating provision of monetary support to the various underground outfits by state run engineering departments.
Further more numerous officials of various engineering departments have left Imphal today to give their statements to the NIA in connection with the provision of monetary supports to underground outfits, added the reliable source.

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