Offices remain closed in Churachandpur


From Kaimuanthang
Lamka, Feb 2 : Most of the government department offices have been closed today in Churachnandpur town after volunteers of Churachandpur District Students Union , CDSU, imposed closures on them in support of the demand raised by All Tribal Students Union , ATSUM , from the state government
Earlier in the morning some government office employees were seen congregating at their office trying to perform their normal duties at their normal time yet disappered soon after as spporters of the union requested them to comply with their plan of action.

The ATSUM has been upping their ante against the state government in favour of revocation of decision taken by the state government to appoint senior MCS officer as the ED / DRDA on the ground that they are opposing the policy of the state government which has been marked by its many loopholes on the matter . The ATSUM have also wanted that the SC/ST reservation norms be as per the norms.

The agitating CDSU students have erected placards at the DC offices entrance that reads ” GO BACK MCS ” OFFICERS besides others
Meeting media persons at their office the CDSU president Lalkahohau has said that incase the government failed to meet the demands raised by them they will intensify their agitation shortly which may have a very far reaching effects
Earlier the United Chiefs Committee have also declared their solidarity to the ATSUM along with all the modalities of their agitation.

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