President Pratibha Patil likely to visit State in early March


IMPPHAL, Feb 14: The President of the India Pratibha Patil is likely to visit the state capital on March 11 next to take stock of the overall situations of the state in complying to the various representations submitted by different social organizations, students bodies as well as the political parties in connection with the state of Manipur being in a serious turmoil.

According to an official source, an official intimation from the office of the President of India for the official visit of the President of the India on March 11 to the state capital has been officially intimated to the state government very recently.

The official source further mentioned that, the President of India, Pratibha Patil during her two days visit to the state capital is likely to have interaction sessions with the council of ministers of the state, and in the most likelihood meet with the state governor, chief minister on her first day of visit to the state capital at Raj Bhavan Imphal, to collect information relating with the present situation of the state.

The official source further mentioned that, during her stay in the state capital, the President will also meet representatives of various students` organizations, social organizations as well senior citizens of the state who have sent their representations to the President regarding the failures of education, provision of essential items and improper maintenance of NHs in the state and its related problems.


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