“Pune Thabal Chongba 2011” organised by MSAP


MSAP organizes Pune Thabal Chongba – 2011 – Press Release from MSAP

The Manipur Students Association, Pune (MSAP) organized a Thabal Chongba festival at Dr. Ambedhkar College, Camp Pune, on 20th Feb, 2011, as part of its Annual Sports Meet – 2011.  The program was a grand success; it was attended by more than 500 people including students and families who are staying in Pune and nearby places like Mumbai, Nagar and Nashik.

This time, the sound system was rocking like a Rock Show and everybody was thrilled with the rhythm. The Tube light and Halogen light was bright enough to give the Mood and Ambience of a true Thabal Chongba.

Pune Thabal Ground - Dr. Ambedhkar College
Pune Thabal Ground - Dr. Ambedhkar College . Picture credit to Diamond RK (diamond09rk@gmail.com)

As always, Senior Members of PUMA, a Group of senior Pune-Manipuri’s, were not only present but also working behind the scene, taking care to make the Thabal Chongba more beautiful.

Many praised the show. “This is the best Thabal organized by MSAP in recent years.” All the student organizations of North-East States in Pune were invited for the festival. However, very few of those invitees turned up on that day.

One enthusiastic participant comments, “I won’t miss this Thabal though I have practical exam tomorrow morning. This is the most awaited event at Pune.”

Kids performing Thabal . Picture credit Diamond RK (diamond09rk@gmail.com)

One of the senior member of PUMA expressed, “This year’s Thabal was great! I couldn’t contribute to the arrangement, so, I thought, I can at least make it successful by actually participating”

People of all age group: from two years old kids to forty five years men/women participated in the Thabal. It was the one of most excitement filled evening at Pune.

One memorable part of the event was, during the interval, we felicitated Mr. Sanjoy & Suranjoy, Gold Medalists in Boxing, in recently concluded Commonwealth Games – 2011.

The credit for the success of this event goes to all the selfless volunteers who worked sincerely and with dedication. Mention may be made here – on the day of the Thabal, to setup the ground, light and sound, some of the volunteers were working from morning till afternoon, just with a cup tea and few pieces of biscuits/cookies. Even after everybody left, these volunteers remained behind to give a finishing touch to the event. Everybody came, saw, danced and had a fun filled day.

Students are syncing the rhythm of the music.
Students are syncing the rhythm of the music. Picture credit Diamond RK (diamond09rk@gmail.com)

The event came to a beautiful end at 10.00 pm with a huge round of applause from every one, leaving with smile and happiness on everyone’s face. Everybody danced, clapped, cheered and rejoiced.

We extend warm and sincere thanks to all the Manipuri’s and Special invitees from other states, who were a part of the program. Your presence added more values towards the successful flow of the event.

About MSAP:

The Manipur Students Association, Pune (MSAP) was formed in 1973. Its motto is “Learn, Serve and Excel”. Every year we organize Sports and Cultural Meets for the students of Manipur in Pune. This year the Sports Meet – 2011 was held in the month of Jan, from 29th  to 30th . Events like cricket, football, tug of war, Table tennis, badminton, and many more were held. Prize and trophies were distributed to the winners. Every year, we invite all other Manipuri’s and other people from different community as Guest to the gatherings. This adds to the color and meaning of the function. Organizing such meets help us to know and understand each other better, increase the equality and unity.

MSAP office bearer for 2011:

1. Md. Raees Ahamed. (President)
2. Lalhari Singh Sapam. (Finance Secretary)
3. Rameshwar Singh Oinam. (General & Publicity Secretary)
4. Ramkrishna Thingbaijam. (Games & Sports Secretary)
5. Jenison Singh Urikhimbam. (Social & Culture Secretary)

Thanks to:

1. Premjeet Sougrakpam (Aarangbham of PUMA) for editing this write-up.
2. Diamond RK for Thabal Photos.
3. Thanks to all PUMA Member for your support and Guidance.
4. Thanks to all selfless MSAP volunteers for everything.

The above press release was sent to Kanglaonline by The Manipur Student Association, Pune. (M.S.A.P)

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    • Dear @ Desmond Coutinho,

      You rightly said
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