Rs 14.28 lakh collected during power drive


IMPHAL, Feb 5: A total due bill amount of Rs 14, 28, 949 was collected today from 211 consumers during the power drive of the state electricity department conducted in different areas of Imphal while another Rs 15, 63, 632 has also been collected today from the bill payment counter.
As per the information received from the electricity department, the power drive was conducted today in areas of Kwakeithel Moirangpurel, Haobam Marak Chingtham Leikai, Ningthemcha Karong, Thangal Bazar, North AOC and Golapati under IED-I, Keishampat Leimajam Leikai and Takhel Leikai under IED-II, Singjamei Bheigyabati Leikai, Sougaijam Leirak and Singjamei Kshetri Leikai under IED-III, and Khurai Soibam Leikai Khanglabung Leirak under IMD. 
The power lines of 131 defaulting consumers have been disconnected while two unauthorized consumers were booked under the electricity act today during the drive.
So far 79 unauthorized consumers have been booked and power lines of 1452 deafaulting consumers have been disconnected.


  1. These bas_t_ards are collecting not the cost of the energy rather it’s the interest (2% compound interest) that they are collecting. Despite government’s crores of rupees every month and the interests the poor consumers are paying, still the officials of this hopeless department are barking again. We are really spineless. Meterless consumers and illegal tapping combine is getting around 20% share while the corrupt officials are getting 80% share of the total booties. And now the poor innocent regular consumers are paying for them. What a pity state! And now talking about higher energy cost. We all have to venture out with our Takhel Thang for a fair solution!


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