Trinamool makes thumping victory with 655 votes margin over Congress candidate


Elected Trinamol Congress candidate K. Sharat being receiving by his supporters at Konthoujam a/c Imphal west district on Thursday. 2011-02-18 | by : IFP Photo
Elected Trinamol Congress candidate K. Sharat being receiving by his supporters at Konthoujam a/c Imphal west district on Thursday. 2011-02-18 | by : IFP Photo
IMPHAL, Feb 17: In what could be a major political upturn in the state, the new entrant Trinamool Congress has secured a seat in Manipur Legislative Assembly with the victory of its candidate K. Sharat in the bye-election of Konthoujam assembly constituency which had only three candidates on the fray.

The Trinamool Congress candidate K. Sharat has won the election by a margin of 655 votes from his nearest rival Dr. S. Ranjan of INC. He secured a total of 9592 votes out of 22360 polled votes while Ranjan and independent candidate Kh. Ranjit secured 8937 and 3831 votes respectively.

Sharat topped in 15 of the 28 altogether polling stations of the constituency, namely 18/2 Moidangpok Khullen Part-II with 249 votes; 18/7 Ngairangbam with 324 votes; 18/8 Sagoltongba with 358 votes; 18/9 Sagoltongba with 341 votes; 18/10 Yurembam with 483 votes; 18/11 Yurembam Awang Leikai with 684 votes; 18/12 Konthoujam with 255; 18/15 Khaidem with 474 votes; 18/16  Khabi with 374 votes; 18/18  Yarou Bamdiar with 437 votes; 18/19 Heikrujam with 301 votes; 18/20 Heikrujam with 293 votes; 18/21 Maisnam Kamong with 387 votes; 18/22 Maisnam Kamong with 341 votes; and 18/26 Awang Phoijing Part-I with 435 votes.
While Ranjan ran first in 11 polling stations, namely 18/1 Moidangpok Khullen Part-I with 363 votes; 18/3 Moidangpok Khunou with 353 votes; 18/6 Ngairangbam with 324 votes; 18/13 Konthoujam Mamang Leikai with 492 votes; 18/14 Konthoujam Maning Leikai with 576 votes; 18/17 Khabi with 292 votes; 18/23 Kha Jiri Part-I with 307 votes; 18/24 Kha Jiri Part-II with 302 votes; 18/25 Awang Jiri with 371 votes; 18/27 Awang Phoijing with 422 votes; and 18/28 Langoijam Mamang Leikai with 432 votes.
On the other hand, Ranjit topped in two polling stations, namely 18/4 and 18/5 of Khumbong area.  He secured 352 votes out of total 738 polled votes in his 18/4 home polling station and 360 votes out of 689 polled votes in 18/5 Khumbong.
It may be noted that Trinamool Congress candidate Sharat and INC candidate Ranjan share the same home polling station at 18/13 Konthoujam Mamang Leikai in which Ranjan topped by securing 492 votes out of total 862 polled votes while Sharat and Ranjit got 352 and 18 votes respectively.
No vote on postal ballot was recorded in favour of any candidate in this bye-election.
The counting process for the said bye-election was held today from 8 am onwards at the office of DC Imphal West at Lamphelpat amidst stringent security measures provided by CRPF and state security forces. The counting process concluded peacefully at around 11 am.
In the last general election to 9th Manipur Legislative Assembly held in 2007, eight candidates contested in Konthoujam assembly constituency in which (late) Dr. Sapam Budhichandra won the election from his nearest rival K. Sharat by a meager margin of 84 votes.
Budhichandra secured 5475 votes while Sharat got 5391 votes out of total 22926 polled votes in the last election. The other keen contenders of Konthoujam were Nongmaithem Kuber of NCP, Samom Nabakumar of MPP, Dr. Laishram Sashikumar of CPI, Heman Lokhon of RJD, Thokchom Manishang of BJP and Konthoujam Ranbira of SP.
Moreover, the Congress Party has been able to capture all seats in the previous bye-elections of Khundrakpam, Moirang and Yaiskul. But, the Congress failed to upkeep its legacy this time in the Konthoujam bye poll. This loss for the Congress will surely have drastic impact in the next general election of the state likely to be held in the early months of 2012.
In the meantime, the president of Manipur Pradesh Trinamool Congress, Kim Gangte has categorically stated that the lone MLA of Trinamool Congress will act as a responsible opposition to bring about a radical change in the state.
She asserted that the victory of Trinamool Congress in Konthoujam bye-election is an eye-opener for the people of Manipur who have been reeling under strong influence of money and muscle power of the Congress party during past elections.
The change has begun and the people should support the Trinamool Congress and other like-minded political parties to bring a revolutionary change in the state, Kim added.
The newly elected MLA of Konthoujam assembly constituency, K. Sharat stated that the victory of Trinamool Congress is the victory of the people who really wanted development and changes right from the grass-root level.
He said that as an elected representative of the people he would first give priority to development of local areas and delivery of PDS items to the people of the constituency who have been deprived of such benefits by the past MLAs for many decades.
Sharat also noted that there is no use of money and muscle power if the people themselves are conscious of the reality and vote for the right candidate to be their responsible representative.
The leaders of BJP and MPP have also congratulated the people of Konthoujam for their verdict at the bye-election.
The president of BJP Manipur State Unit, Sh. Shantikumar stated that the people of Konthoujam have taken the right decision to bring changes in the state by electing the Trinamool Comgress candidate K. Sharat. The victory is just the beginning of a new political era in the state with like-minded political parties forming a unified opposition against the Congress Party to bring real changes in the whole state.
The president of Manipur People`™s Party, Dr. Nimaichand Luwang said that the right time has come to uproot the Congress Party from the state. The verdict of Konthoujam foretells everything that will ensue in the political arena of the state.
The downfall of Congress Party and the SPF government has begun with their tactics of using money and muscle power failed to garner votes from the people of Konthoujam, he averred.


  1. I ve been misconstrued.Opinion that I have put forwarded were all based on the news article and may also be from some feedbacks.

    I vent cut off of my hope for better Kangleipak.I also believe that there is lots to sacrifice.I vent self proclaimed anything of kind yet but true that I ve been trying to focus on something.But also sure I dont know about somebody’s plan.(practically)

    I do not believe that Gandhi with his satyagaraha emancipated people from brits clutches.World is rather of complex equations and plays own its own.But I believe in peace,teaching,harmony…etc and know well where is it plays well.Time to time where in a nation a dynamic morphology is going,violence and peace will hand in hand.Its the basic ingredients truth.Because,truth cannt exist falsehood.white is defined because of existence of black..(thats why I say life is complex).So some thinkers sometime in their end road of lives said”nothing is absolute”!It provokes us to think that why one better than the other?or vice versa.

    Crux of above statement is that to believe in a “flow”(like to coin meaning above).

    Not yet finish…will continue..

  2. Khuman she isn’t dead you may use her name. My plan is to live the cloistered life with Irom Sharmila if that’s ok with you. Once AF(SP)A is repealed I’d prefer to leave politics to your political classes. You people already have enough reasons to kill her. I don’t want to give you any more.

    Your talks reminds me of a crab bucket. Now the young have playstation though it’s probably less fun to watch. If you put more than two crabs in a bucket you don’t have to break their claws or tape them up. They will stop each other from escaping. It used to be hilarious to watch back in Zanzibar. That seems to be the policy of your rulers whatever names you give them. Then they can take a nap confiant that no one is going anywhere.

    Your anger is sad Khuman because it’s so unfocussed. You’d be a solid candidate for meditation practice but you lack patience. You don’t have to pay money to learn to meditate not the real kind. Though some chappie told me about his celebrity lama in the Buddhist Disney World but I think he was trying to get a rise out of me. I’ll offer this once. If you kick off with me then I’ll not reply again.

    If you are ready. You stand against the CM. Put forward your policies. Stop all this murum murum and do something positive. You don’t have to win. I appreciate that is not the Kanglei way. You’d much rather tell me about how the Pangals, the Singhs, the Mayangs, the Nepali, the Bangla, old dead white men with poor cartographical skills, Alexander the Great, and I am sure I have missed so many on your axis of ewil so can we refer to them as the generic group Z, they have kept the mighty Kanglei downtrodden.

    Before I came here Manipuris posted that I didn’t know anything about the on the ground reality of Manipur. When I came here they started posting that I am not really here at all because PAP stops me from coming. Those who think I am say well I am very boring person and no they don’t want to meet me for coffee at the Classic. People who have met me tell me they are too frightened to come again in case they are reported and lose their government jobs. The ones in Delhi tell me I should come to Imphal because it’s so beautiful. If I tell anyone here oh this land could be so beautiful they respond. It’s a false memory the beauty of Kangla for people who live in Bangalore, but when you return you realize how ugly it has become. People spit (red paan spit) on it, then throw rubbish, then urinate, and at night they defecate. Why would it ever be beautiful. No one here cares for it or loves it. No one here believes it belongs to them.

    Offer an alternative. If along the way you repeal the black law AF(SP)A, then I get everything I want too. It’s called win win Khuman. But unless you plan to do this all by yourself mainly by posting on Kangla then I suggest you grow up a little, start working with people you don’t like if only temporarily on any issue you might agree upon and compromise. That’s politics too, it’s a greasy pole even if you aren’t as corrupt or self interested as the rest of your politicians. Maybe get married/civil partnership I am not judging, to someone you consider an equal. That will help more than meditation.

    Anger is good Khuman but if it’s unfocussed and free floating you end up sounding like a spoilt brat who wants shout knickers all the time and people ignore you. I am not your enemy Khuman and you don’t appear to have any friends. I know you won’t stand for election against the CM in his constituency. And it appears you don’t want Irom Sharmila to stand either. So what do you propose Sir? Hmm.

  3. Unfortunately,we always tend to give too much of illegitimate prerogative to certain people whom we think is right people but infact these people are themselves voluntarily leads a cloistered lives.Until a fire burn out the clothes to penetrate their own flesh,nothing can be done in real time.

    Believe it or not Indian govt is watching us clearly where we are heading,indeed where they want where we should be.Why we dont believe that destiny is in our hands not in Indian govt!

  4. If the TC, BJP and other opposition parties are serious about their desire to consult with the people of Manipur over AF(SP)A repeal then let them ask the people also whether they would want Irom Sharmila Chanu to stand against the Hon Shri Ibobi in his constituency in the elections next year, a single issue is easy for even an immature electorate like the Manipuri one to understand.

    The problem with Irom Sharmila is that you cannot control her and no one tells her what to do. That is why there has been a reluctance over the last 11 years to offer the people a choice. She may not accept especially if anyone tries to impose conditions upon her. If she is voted in she may well continue her satyagraha until the Will of the People is respected. Shri Ibobi may defeat her in free elections. Many people have profited from his reign, the BJP suggests to the tune of thousands of crore every year. Shri Ibobi is an ardent supporter of AF(SP)A. His last threat was to reimpose it upon Imphal so that Indian soldiers would enjoy immunity from investigation and prosecution for war crimes and crimes against humanity in the ancient capital of Kanglei. Not even the Japanese army had that right.

    Or the TC could go with an equally corrupt candidate who knows how the game is played. It’s your country. You decide.

  5. it’s a start I greet the new lawmaker with the greeting of Yipungsi Herachantra, Yambung ao, Leipak asipu kamna manghansipano? When asked whether the TC would use their influence to allow the police to investigate and prosecute Indian soldiers who rape, murder and kidnap Manipuri civilians their response was they would have to talk to the people of Manipur and the party unit before taking a decision to advocate the repeal of AF(SP)A from the sovereign lands of Kangleipak. I look forward to an open transparent and public conversation from the new lawmaker with the electorate. It’s a good start that they didn’t say that they had to consult with General Singh, and the paramilitaries/insurgents before allowing them to dictate terms.

  6. Ok!Good!

    But always as usual succumbed to wrong side again.Trinmool a party founded by bangal’s mamta benerjee!Great!So great that our half baked political aspirant dont know its origin but also dont have guts to create own indigenous party of its kind.Keep copying and imitating.You are fighting for no one here!Wake up!Kangleipak is the land of copycats!


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