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Unemployment nearing the seven lakh mark in Manipur

IMPHAL, Feb 1: The number of unemployed job seeking persons in the state has reached 6,85,422 lakhs as per the data provided by the Directorate of employment registrar.
The data provided by the registrar is based on records till December 2010 of which 4, 95, 894 lakhs are male while 1, 89, 528 are female.
Further as per the detailed reports of the data shown at district level the Imphal West district recorded the highest numbers of unemployed persons with the numbers reaching 2, 21, 803 lakhs. Out of which is mentioned that 1, 54, 035 lakhs are male and 67, 768 thousand female. For Imphal East the total number of unemployed persons is recorded to be 1, 01,661 lakhs of which 72, 759 thousands are male while 28, 902 are female.
In the Thoubal district the number of unemployed youths stands at 1, 04,834 lakhs of which 82, 900 are male and 21, 934 are female. In Bishnupur district the total number of unemployed persons 63,174 of which 47,048 male and 16,126 for female.
In the hill district the data shows that altogether 61,845 thousands are recorded by the registrar for Churachandpur district of which 46,065 thousands are male while 16,780 thousands female. In Senapati district the total number of unemployed persons is 50,705 thousands of which 36, 657 are female and 14,047 thousands are male. In Tamenglong district there are altogether 20,755 thousands unemployed persons of which 15,779 are male and 4,976 female.
There are altogether 25,284 thousands unemployed persons in Chandel of which 17,287 thousands are male and 7,997 are female. In Ukhrul district there are altogether 27,249 thousands unemployed youths of which 19,001 are male and 8,248 are female.
At the same time, in the special employment exchange for physically handicapped there are altogether 2,372 unemployed persons registered out of which 1, 608 thousand are male while 764 are female. In the UEI and GB groups there are altogether 5,740 thousands persons out of which 2,755 are male and 2,985 are female.

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