UNLF calls for peoples’ Participation to regain Right to Self-Determination


IMPHAL, Feb 8: The Military Affairs Committee of the proscribed UNLF has greeted the people of Manipur on the occasion of 24th raising day of its armed wing MPA.
A statement signed by the acting chairman of the outfit, Kh. Pambei said that the revolutionary movement of the Manipuri people aims at attaining the right to self-determination and they are always against the repressive colonial forces.
It further mentioned that the MPA was set up to counter the excessive actions of the Indian Army who have been harassing the innocent people in the name of countering insurgency in Manipur.
The imposition of AFSPA, 1958 in the soil of Manipur has enabled the colonial security forces to carry out mass genocide in the region. It is very unlikely of a democratic country like India to follow the diktats of Army. The Armys’ insistence on the government to retain AFSPA is a clear sign of weakness of the government, the statement said.
It also stated that the National Investigation Agency (NIA) is an unprincipled agency which has duped the people of Manipur by concealing the whereabouts of RK Meghen for 61 days after he was arrested from Dhaka but it later stated that Meghen was arrested from Bihar. So, the people should resist the entry of NIA into the soil of Manipur, the UNLF enjoined.
It also expressed apprehension over the ever increasing number of non-local people urging the indigenous people to resist influx of non-locals.
The UNLF further appealed to the people of Manipur to join hands to form a unified force against the colonial rule and regain the “right to self-determination”. The people should learn good lessons from East Timor and South Sudan which have attained freedom through plebiscite.
It also extended its warm greetings to all other revolutionary parties of the state on the occasion of the 24th raising say of MPA.


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