Ccpur water supply schemes


    From KaimuanthangLamka Mar 10: Even after the government has spent crores of rupees for augmentation of the Ccpur water supply schemes for the entire residents the desired result has not been yielded and they still suffer.
    There are three main water treatment plants installed at Koite Loklao River called Zone – I, Bungmual called Zone – II and the other at Khuga Dam which is code name as Zone -III with expenses running into crores of rupees due to which the residents have  reason to be confident of getting sufficient water supply in the district.
    According to sources Zone -I is supposed to supply to Tuibuang areas, part of Zenhang Lamka as well as Zomi Colony besides certain other nearby localities, while Zone-II is for supply of water to people residing at the heart of the town, western side of Tedim road and then Zone- III for the people in the eastern side of Tedim road , some parts of Rengkai and the areas nearby it.
    Yet in all the zone water has not been released even once a week and according to a woman there are times when they don’t receive water even once in a week.
    Talking to IFP an  AE of the PHED said  due to the nonavailability of sufficient power  they cannot pump in water to the intake point from where it will seeped to the reservoir and then supply to the public.  He said there are five reservoir each for the three Zones but as the power is not enough they cannot performed to the satisfaction of the people.
    He said they have been assured by the cabinet of power for three hours each in the morning and in the evening disclosing about the application they have written to the EE/ Electricity urging them to provide enough power.
    He said they used two types of machines one electrical and the other diesel to pump water while maintaining the latter has become a bit too expensive and is not manageable yet on the actual ground IFP have found out that the Zone-II was not well maintained and the water itself is not fit for consumption. The CADA/employment minister Ph Parijat while visiting the Zone -III plant on Sunday last have pointed out at the spot that the Zone is not satisfactory and maintained.


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