Certain strictures to be maintained during Assembly session


IMPHAL, March 3: Unlike in other sittings of the Manipur Legislative Assembly certain strictures will be implemented during the 10th Session of the Ninth Manipur Legislative Assembly which has been taken as a semi budget session for the current year which will begin from March 8 this month.
In this regard, an official notification circulated by the secretary of the state Assembly Secretariat recently stated that the ensuing Tenth Session of the Ninth Manipur Legislative Assembly will be having a 14 days sittings starting from March 8 this month  unless the speaker direct otherwise.
It is also mentioned that there will be private member business on March 11, 18 and March 25. Further every notice required by the rules should be given in written form and addressed to the Secretary and signed by the member giving notice and should be between 10 am to 3 pm on any working day in the  Parliamentary-cum-Notice Branch. Notice after 3 pm shall be treated as given on the next working days, the official notification added.
It is also officially mentioned that the period of notice for the questions should be placed before not less than 10 days, before five days for Private Member Resolutions, three days before for Government Resolutions, five days before Private Members`™ Bills, one day before for Amendment Bill, two days before for cut motion, two days before for half an hour discussion etc. the official notification added.


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