Children of the State & Meira Paibis Meet the President


IMPHAL, March 6: An Educational Tour for Students, Teachers and Meirapaibis of Manipur to Delhi and Agra organized by 15 Assam Rifles of HQ 9 Sect under the aegis HQ IGAR (South) had the distinguished honour of meeting Pratibha Patil, the President of India, on March 4 at Rashtrapati Bhavan.
According to a release of PRO, IGAR (South) Imphal, the President while speaking to the students, meira paibis and teachers, discussed the social and educational aspects in Manipur. She also encouraged the children to work hard and do well in life. The students, teachers and Meira Paibis also visited the world famous Mughal Gardens and museum inside the Rashtrapati Bhavan, the release added.


  1. H E President Pratibha Patil will also be making her first state visit to Manipur on 10th afternoon leaving the next day. It was announced that the case of Irom Sharmila Chanu and the repeal of AF(SP)A be brought to her attention. Far from suggesting that the Government of Manipur plans anything it is fortuitous that this year Irom Sharmila’s detention outwith trial has been extended for longer than one year continuous. In previous years speculation was that she was always released before the year’s end then observed and rearrested for a period not greater than one year. Last year she was rearrested on 9th March this year they delaying her release to the 10th March. If this is to remove any obstacle preventing the President of the Republic of India from visiting India’s living Mahatma then I hope the President takes the opportunity to exercise her right as a symbol of Mother India to visit one of her children. She does not have to exchange words. It is preferable in the presence of politicians that they do not exchange words. That’s the thing with high office. Every now and then a person looks to history to a greater sense of justice, the dreams and hopes of the founding liberators. This is my dream so I’ll dream what I’ll please.

    Of course there are others here who have openly declared that Gandhi-ji played no part in India’s liberation and that the wise distance themselves from his path. It remains to be seen which vision HE President Pratibha Patil has for Mother India.


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