CM asserts supplementary demands necessary for payment of salaries and arrears of employees under revised pay scale


IMPHAL, March 15: The Manipur Legislative Assembly today unanimously passed the total of Rs.838.11 crores as demands for supplementary grants for the year 2010-11 covering 46 Demands and 3 Appropriations after a threadbare discussion attended by members from both ruling and opposition parties.
The discussion and voting of Demands for Grants 2010-11 today in the house was a follow up procedure of the presentation of the Supplementary Demands for Grants for the year 2010-11 by the state Chief Minister O Ibobi Singh yesterday on the floor of the house.
The supplementary demands for Grants, which was passed by the house today includes defrayment charges in course of payment during the financial year ending March 31 for various demands including State Legislature amounting to Rs.7,69,37,000, Council of Ministers amounting to  Rs.1,74,78,000, Secretariat Rs.8,29,46,000, Land Revenue Stamps & Registration and District Administration amounting to Rs.8,30,96,000, Police Rs.124,43,53,000 another Rs.80,06,03,000 for Public Works Department, Rs.13,20,000 for Information and Publicity, Rs.41,44,70,000 for Education, for Medical Health and Family Welfare Services amounting to Rs.39,81,12,000, Municipal Administration Housing and Urban Development amounting to Rs.21,16,03,000, Labour and Employment amounting to Rs.1,10,99,000, Development of Tribal and  Scheduled Caste amounting to Rs.74,97,65,000, Consumer Affairs’ Food and Public Distribution amounting to Rs. 1,25,25,000, Co-operation amounting to Rs.1,18,06,000, Agriculture amounting to Rs.43,54,55,000, Animal Husbandry and  Veterinary including Dairy Farming amounting to Rs.8,88,18,000, Environment and Forest amounting to Rs.12,10,94,000, Community Development and ANP, IRDP and NREP amounting to Rs.2,07,05,000, Commerce and Industries amounting to Rs.6,00,000, Public Health Engineering amounting to Rs.94,20,70,000, Power amounting to Rs.124,82,12,000, Vigilance Department amounting to Rs.2,05,000, Youth Affairs and Sports Department amounting to Rs.22,39,47,000, Administration of Justice amounting to Rs.96,53,000, Election amounting to Rs.2,18,34,000, State Excise amounting to Rs.1,23,66,000, Sale Tax other taxes Duties on Commodities  and Service amounting to Rs.2,47,10,000, Fire Protection and Control amounting to Rs.2,29,90,000, Jails amounting to Rs.4,32,27,000, Home Guards amounting to Rs.1,82,85,000, Rehabilitation amounting to Rs.95,61,000, Stationary and Printing amounting to Rs.43,82,000, Minor Irrigation amounting to Rs.4,09,82,000.
The supplementary demands also includes from Fisheries amounting to Rs. 2,99,38,000, Panchayat amounting to  Rs.43,97,000, Sericulture amounting to Rs.5,23,59,000, Irrigation and Flood Control Department amounting to Rs.21,06,07,000 Arts and Culture amounting to Rs.3,94,09,000,  State Academy of Training amounting to Rs.61,14,000, Horticulture and  Soil Conservation amounting to Rs.10,14,42,000, Social Welfare Department amounting to Rs.25,06,74,000,  Tourism amounting to Rs.4,39,18,000, Science Technology amounting to Rs.2,47,10,000, Welfare of Minorities and Other Backward Classes amounting to Rs.5,88,08,000, Relief and Disaster Management amounting to Rs.9,35,000 and Economics and Statistics amounting to Rs. 71,07,000 to be granted.
In the meantime, while initiating the general discussion and voting on Demands for Supplementary Grants 2010-11 today in the house, senior opposition member MLA O Joy Singh said that, in fact it has been very fortunate for the this SPF government for getting huge amount of plan money from the centre and it has indeed a true sign of blessing from the central government.
He further said, comparing the large amount of money released by the centre for the development and nature of the implementations of the various development programmes in the state there is no need for seeking Supplementary demands for year 2010-11. Before considering seeking the supplementary grants the state government should consider for the proper implementations of developmental projects and works in various departments and sectors which of great concern to the people of state.
Later, MLA, Th Shyamkumar, while participating in the discussion charged the state government for it failures to implement many of the projects and schemes which are aught to give direct benefits to the people of the state till today and draw attention of the state government to give more priorities to the schemes and projects which will give direct benefits like regular issuing of PDS items, provision of adequate health care facilities, proper education system and maintenance of proper transport and communication system especially for the people living in the hills and far flunk villages of the state.
Later the CM while explaining the reason for the Supplementary Demands, mentioned in the house that, the Supplementary Demands are necessitated largely on account of the payment of Salaries and arrear of employees due to implementation of Revision of Pay as per recommendation of the 6th Central Pay Commission and increase in Plan Outlay, higher allocation of fund under North Eastern Council (NEC) and release of more funds under Centrally Sponsored Schemes CSS, Central Plan Schemes CPS etc. besides due to the restriction on re-appropriation of fund from Revenue to capital and also from Voted to Charged and vice versa, it is necessary to provide additional funds through Demands For Supplementary Grants although there are savings in either of the two under each Grant., Chief Minister added.
In the meantime, Chief Minister while highlighting the main features of the additional demands in the house today mentioned that, the additional demand sought under Non-Plan is Rs.266.25 crore. The major portion of this demand is on account of salaries and arrears consequent upon the Revision of pay 2010, payment of interest of market borrowing and State Provident Fund, Payment of pensionery benefits and leave encashment of police force, purchase of 3 Hovercrafts, payment of remuneration and purchase of uniforms items for Village Defence Force, infrastructure development for improvement of Justice delivery, improvement of statistical infrastructures under 13th Finance Commission Award, Payment of grant-in-aid to victims of extremist action, fund released for state Disaster Response Fund, payment of grant –in-aid to six district councils, payment of electric charges of all government Departments, purchase of power from National Hydro Electric Power Corporation (HNPC), North Eastern Electric Power Corporation (NEEPCO) etc. payment of charges for issue of Photo Identity  Cards to voters and printing of Electoral rolls.
He further mentioned that, the Supplementary Demands includes additional plan fund amounting to Rs.266.82 crore. The additional fund sought for, is due to unfinished projects under SPA for previous year, implementation  of various schemes under Tribal Areas Sub-Plan, Grants in aids to JNIMS, computerization of VAT and Commercial taxes, construction of Composite Check Post at Hengbung, purchase of Mobile Jammer at Central Jail Sajiwa, implementation of Multi Sectoral Development Plan in minority concentrated districts, construction of RCC overhead tank at Ningthempukhri, Nepra Menjor, Lalambung Hillock, construction of Barrage across Wangjing River at Wangjing Canteen Lampak and Itok river at Chandrakhong, implementation of Rastriya Krishi Vikas Yojna (RKVY), establishment of Eco Park at Regional Water Sport Complex, improvement of infrastructure in the new and old secretariat, installation of four numbers of Silent Gensets 250KVA in North and South Block of Manipur Secretariat, payment of compensation to land owners for acquisition of land for widening of roads, improvement work on Imphal-Jiribam portion of National Highway-53, infrastructure development of Govt. Colleges, establishment of Model Residential School, implementation of National Rural Employment Gurantee Schemes, implementation of Accelerated Irrigation Benefit Programme, implementation of anti erosion schemes, construction of footpath in and around Imphal town, market sheds etc, construction of night shelter of child labour.
Chief Minister also mentioned that, the Supplementary Grants also includes funds for meeting additional expenditure including backlog on CSS, CPS, NEC etc. The amount now demanded under these areas is of the order of Rs.305.04 crore. The additional demand is sought on account of development of infrastructure for quality seeds, macro management of Agriculture, construction of District Veterinary hospital under NLCPR, development of National Park and  Sanctuaries, implementation of accelerated programme of Restoration and Regeneration of Forest cover, implementation of National Rural drinking water Programme, implementation of Rajiv Gandhi Grameen Vidyutikaran Yojana, construction of power sub-station, establishment of National Sport Academy and construction of district Sports Complex at Ukhrul, Tamenglong and Churachandpur under NLCPR, strengthening of Manipur Fire and emergency services, development of waterlogged areas, payment of grant-in-aid to Fish Farmers Development Agency, implementation of anti-erosion schemes under NEC, extension of Potato Breeding Farm, implementation of wheat based nutrition programme, construction of Integrated Tourist Destination at Sipuikon village Tipaimukh, installation of solar Photovoltaic systems under IREP, etc.
Finally with the clear cut explanation for the Supplementary Demands for Grants 2010-11 in the house the motion of disapproval from the opposition was withdrawn and passed the Supplementary Demands for Grants 2010-11, in the house today.


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