CM maintains demand for plebiscite by certain state insurgent groups could be a good beginning


IMPHAL, March 16: Demand of plebiscite by some of the insurgent groups operating in the state to bring solution to the insurgency in the state in other sense could be a good beginning said the Chief Minister while participating in the general discussion on Budget Estimates for the year 2010-11 in the assembly session today.
Even though the state government cannot readily say yes to the matter of plebiscite, the state government has taken a step towards the solution and is further looking forward to the solution to end the existing insurgency problems in the state which had became a stumbling block in every spheres of developmental activities in the state since the last many decades the Chief Minister stated.
He further disclosed that, certain positive approaches have been brought with the signing of Suspension of Operation with Kuki insurgents groups and the government with an objective to restore peace and harmony besides recently one of the valley based under ground group KCP Lallumba has also entered talks with the government.
On the questions of violation of ground rules based on the official report by the cadres of insurgents who are under the SoO and strict monitor by the state government he maintained that the matter have been produced before the meeting of Joint Monitoring Group which has the state chief secretary as the chairman.
He further maintained that the reports of violation of ground rules by the cadres have been produced in the recent JMG meeting and strong instructions have been provided to the concerned representatives of the Kuki insurgent groups to stop violation of ground rules by its cadre or the government will suspend the SoO.
He further said the state government from time to time urged the central government to bring an end solution to the NSCN (IM) issue for which peace talks have already been initiated between the group and the government of India. He further maintained that once the solution of is brought on the issue, it will help in ushering peace not only in Manipur but also to the entire North Eastern region.
Mentioning some of the state fiscal policy, the Chief Minister further mentioned in the house that, introduction of Value Added Tax in the state has accelerated the resource mobilization of the state in the last few years. Besides the state government is now paying emphasis on the collection of various forms of taxes from both the public and government  departments and the state government will soon take decision to increase the motor vehicle taxes in order to achieve the target of collecting Rs 20 crores per annum.
He further said, that the recent efforts of state power department of collection of due power tariffs has recovered huge amount of money but still there is more than Rs.300 crores due power tariffs which is yet to be collected. On the other hand departments liabilities of due power taxes will be adjusted from the Plan budget of the respective department he added.
He also mention that, state government in order to maintain uniform developments in both hills and valley districts maximum schemes and projects under NLCPR, NEC and other centrally sponsored schemes have been implemented in every hill districts since the last many years, and there is no question of neglecting the hills in terms of developmental activities, and he finally appealed the general public through the August house to extend co-operation to the state government in initiating developmental activities that the state government is taking up.
The general discussion on Budget Estimates for the year 2010-11, today in the house was participated by the opposition leader MLA, Radha Binod Koijam, senior opposition member O Joy Singh, Dr Ng Bijoy and MLA, Morung Makunga.
The participant MLAs in the discussion today expressed their comments on the need of proper mobilization of resources and proper checking on leakages of expenditures by the state government so as to enable the state to maintain proper financial disciplines in the state. They also drew the attention of the state government for the proper implementation of the many centrally sponsored flagship programmes which have been reflected in the budget in order to avoid future curtailing of the schemes and projects by the centre.
They further expressed their desire for the state government to pay priority to some of the essential sectors like Health care services, educations, Public Distribution Systems, irregularities in implementations of programmes in these essential sectors have created major concerned for the general public of the state in the past and present, they maintained.
They further drew the attention of the state government to take up uniform developmental activities in both hills and valley districts, and finally urged the state government to take up positive steps for initiating talks with the insurgent groups operating in the state for bringing peace and harmony, and without peace it is impossible to maintain prosperous and development in the state, they observed.


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