Democracy in India / Consequences in the State Administration


B.A. SharmaThe Pre-Mugal, Pre-British Civilization in India tells us about the Universities of TAKSHASILA, PATLIPUTRA etc. wherein the culturesque of democratic and human resources system exhibits in the administration. The human relationship ontoward civilization through SHRUTI (the unwritten documents though written after JAGAT GURU SHANKARACHARYA) collected in the early first and second century was found to be utmost important to discuss in the present democratic systems of India. Besides the systems introduced in the Indian democracy seems to be psudo-character in application. The beautiful conglomerated constitution of India would be the largest administrative theory in the world as sermonatte like VEDANTAS for the spiritual deliveration to be intuitionalise in the political pontiffs of India. Such impracticable, invisible, dolerific half cooked democracy has been institutioning in the culture of administration. In the mean time, due to the confused critics of the confused administration; the duties of the democrats are performing by the bureaucrats and acting like political leaders. Democrats are on the platform as mouth pieces; hence popularizing the personalities as a democrat which is leading low grade democracy in the country.
India is a country of multiracial, multilingual, multicoloured, multiregional and local tribal systems of democratic administration, though after 63 years of Independent India is rather suffering in the whirlpool of regional and communal catalyst in the small pockets of the country due to maladministration. Hence Manipur is one of the victims in the country. Manipur is entering into a horrific mixed culture of either democracy or dictator. Insurgencies are trying to terrorise the situation whereas the State Govt. is trying to dictator the situation. This is the real value of the underground reality and State Govt. administration.
In the mean time the Central Govt. the UPA Govt. is trying to suppress the positive will of the people by creating various types of problems in the state. Inspite of administering the situation the Central Govt. is trying to boost the communal spot out in the mixed culture of Manipur. The mental destabilizing factors in the state have to be solved through matured hands. Administration has own ethics which is the science of integrity. The higher gravity of integrity of a personality is above ethics when inclined to patriot. Thereafter the patriot turned to politics. Thus, maximization of the political polishing would born democratic education. Therefore, democracy is superlative in politics. As of the reason democracy is the source of human evolution; thereinupon civilization fulcrum activates to see saw, the climb and glide in politics.
When democracy works on glide political activities become swung; when politics on climb democracy dreams a human development. Therefore, democracy in the country, in politics is hard in application, noisy in the public. This is of the fact democracy can not at all practicable full proof in the third world; however since India has infrastructure of democracy according to the SHRUTI, according to the Universities of TAKSHASILA and PATLIPUTRA.
 But, the imitative psudo-democracy in India, forgetting the original democracy of own adopting the conglomerated constitutions of the other countries we the people are in dilemma without destination.The questions are :1) Who will administer the democratic country ?2) Where are the democrats ?3) How to build a democratic country ?4) How to administer the democratic states ?5) How to deal the defaulters ?6) How to diagnose the sick cultures in the administration ?7) How and why corruption adulterates the administration ?8) Who will be responsible for the malpractices ?
Such problematic situations in the country Manipur is super imposing the height of the distortion of democracy with the local govt. yardsticks; trying to deal with the Gun for the gun, with the sword for the sword; which is purely undemocratic.
Upgradation of the armed forces; man to man; one man one armed person; establishment of semi-police forces is enhancement of dictatorism in the state administration and distancing democracy from the state administration. The misleds, the fundamentalist would have been brought to the negotiation table at the earliest when the buds shooted; at the while the state as well as the central govt. were not listening the voice of the revolutionist with the causes on slogans. But, today the ruptured, clumsy theories are associating to deal the extremism in the state, which seems to be care before inducting maximum power and tactical and technology with the equipments provided to fight the will of the revolutionist.
Such deals seems to be the mosquito and sledge hammer story. Sledge hammer is not the weapon to fight the mosquitoes but to ultra-vanum the atmosphere of the state through positive campaign of the govt. to pacify the cause. For such the local govt. has to decrease the armed deal and to give up enhancement of armed forces in the state. But, more SSQ. for the armed forces personal would be preferable in due course. Inspite of arresting the Culprits govt. has to compel, the insurgents for surrender by giving amnesty and imphesis upon rehabilitational conditions. But S.O.O. (Suspension Of Operation) would not fulfill the demands of both. Such temporary arrangement should not be taken up. Permanent solutions should be visible in the public. Democratic walk is essential. Bureaucratic character should be dismissed and democratic process should be established. Bureaucracy terms to be local and limited, but politics; Democracy termed to be opened, having more avenues to discuss for the causes in dialectical chronology.
Therefore, more enrollment of the police forces in the states as well as in the centre is the sign of failure of the democracy. Failure of democracy caused by illiteracy in the people, in the mass and more dictator in the administration. Therefore, more education in the mass shall bring human development and evolution of correct thoughts and upliftment of ethics in the administration which is now lacked.


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