Dr Shurhozelie breaks his silence on spurt of factional violence


By Oken Jeet Sandham
KOHIMA, Mar 18 (NEPS): Senior DAN Minister Dr Shurhozelie has broken his silence over the recent spurt of “factional clashes” between the two NSCN factions in the State and expressed his surprise as to why the leaders of the factions had not respected the “voices of the Nagas.”
Talking to NEPS here on Friday, the Minister questioned the logic behind such unwanted development at this moment, while everybody was trying his or her best to maintain peace and facilitate the “ongoing peace process.”
The veteran regionalist and president of ruling NPF said they were working for the “future of the Nagas and for them too” but expressed wonder as to why they (Naga underground factions) were fighting amongst themselves and trying to “dismantle” whatever built by somebody.
“It is very bad and I think the Naga people are not happy,” Dr Shurhozelie rued and further asserted that the leaders of both NSCN (IM) and NSCN (K) were “responsible” for the current situation. “That (their action) shows that they have no regard the feeling of the common people,” he echoed.
Calling upon the top leaders of the Naga underground groups to know the minds of the Naga people, Dr Shurhozelie emphatically stated that “If they are leaders of the Naga people, they should respect the Naga voices.”
Stating that a “permanent peace” was the one the Nagas really wanted and not the type of peace “we have now,” Dr Shurhozelie insisted that in order to have a “permanent peace,” a political solution, at the earliest, should come.


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