Face-to-face video conference


From John K. KapingUKHRUL / March 11: The President of India, Her Excellency Pratibha Devi Singh Patil and Ukhrul Deputy Commissioner (DC) N. Ashok Kumar (IAS) had had a short “face-to-face” Video Conferencing that evoked an effective and successful communication process this morning at 10:00am amid in the auspicious visit of Her Excellency inaugurating the latest Modern Mass Communication Technology, the modern Information Technology or the Information Communication Technology (ICT) or SWAN, the internet facility in Manipur State.
During the “on-line” visual video Conference Communication process, the President of India Pratibha Devi Singh Patil sat on the reception stage at Imphal Capital City as a “decoder”. The DC Ukhrul N. Ashok Kumar (IAS) as in the role of “Encoder” while sitting on the DC`s Office table in Ukhrul at a time between the “high profile” effective communication process firstly welcomed the Occasion and asserted the privilege of introducing the Manipur State Wide Area Network. Her Excellency, President of India on the screen then introduced the Ukhrul DC who probably appeared his image on the screen at the function in Imphal by saying, “this is the Deputy Commissioner” and she congratulated him in his due form of governance. She asked how the SWAN helped the citizens particularly the people of Ukhrul District in which the DC Ukhrul replied that by availing with the infrastructure in Ukhrul, the people of Ukhrul particularly the students can apply the Government Services having the e-forms on on-line at any convenient time at any Cy per cafe or through from Community Service Center without spending time and energy to visit Government Offices. The President asked the Ukhrul DC how to reach-out to them, N. Ashok Kumar replying in her query,he said he would establish any information updating at the Community Service Centers in order to have the people free accessibility for the benefit of the citizens. The President of India after asking some questions wished DC Ukhrul all the best.
During the occasion the Office Chamber of Ukhrul Deputy Commissioner remained in a pin-drop-silent paying full attention while conducting the Video Conference with the Sub-Ordinate Staff Officers including the SDO Ukhrul Rajen Visha IAS, Amstrong Pamei(IAS) AC UKhrul, SDC Jain, PA. to DC, NIC DIO, DIA and staffs of NIC Ukhrul and the media participated in the important Occasion.


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