Family alleges negligence of clinic caused seclusion of mother from infant


IMPHAL, March 18: A family has today claimed that a wrong medical test result provided by a medical clinic resulted in a woman being secluded from her baby.
The family has also claimed differences in the results of the same medical test conducted at different medical clinics of the state capital today.
Regarding the different result of the same medical test conducted on a pregnant woman on three instances, the family members of the women had today called a press conference at their Singjamei Chingamakha Ningthoujam Leikai residence.
According to W Shanti Kumar husband of the patient identified as W Kanan Devi, the patient was under the private care of Dr James Elangbam of Shija Hospital during the initial stage of her pregnancy.
He further maintained that the Doctor had referred the patient to Raj Policlinic, North AOC for various test including Blood RE test, Blood Group test, Blood Sugar (R), HBsAg (immunological investigation(S)) among others.
The patient took the test on January 20, 2011 where in the patient was tested positive for HBsAg which means that she is suffering from Hepatitis B Suface Antigen.
However two tests conducted at other medical clinics of the state identified as Babina Diagnostics and Christian Hospital Imphal on March 14 and 15 respectively resulted in the negative.
Speaking to mediapersons at his residence during a press conference, Shanti Kumar added, that due to the wrong result provided by Raj Polyclinic, his wife had to suffer emotional as well as physical seclusion.
He further mentioned that after he took his wife to RIMS for delivery of her child on March 11, the doctor examining the patient after going through her previous report enquired whether they had any prior knowledge about the HBsAg, at which they replied in the negative.
However after her admission to the hospital she was left with a ‘universal precaution’ pasted on her back which frightened her family members and friends, which resulted in the patient being ignored and neglected by her family and friends except her husband. She was totally secluded, the husband claimed due to the wrong report provided by Raj Polyclinic.
He further stated that after finding out that his wife was healthy and not suffering from the dreaded HBsAg, he alongwith his family went to Raj Polyclinic asking for a clarification on the issue and to have a talk with the doctors who had examined his wife. However a manager of the clinic identified as Dinesh turned them back asking them to come on March 17 instead as the doctors he wanted to see were not present at that time.
He further added that even though they again went to the clinic on March 17, they were not allowed to meet the doctors stating that they were busy in a meeting.
At which he had left a message at the desk asking the doctors to visit his home before 9 am of March 18, however the doctors failed to turn up which has compelled him to call the press conference he maintained.
He has further appealed to all concern authorities to look into the matter.  


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