Governor’s address thrashed out on second day of session


IMPHAL, March 9: The second day of the 10th Session of the 9th Manipur Legislative Assembly today was marked by the initiation of the discussion of the Governor’s Address that was placed before the house yesterday.
To begin with the discussion on the Governor’s address MLA, Dr Kh Loken Singh, chairman PDA who moved the motion of thanks on Governor’s Address yesterday, mentioned in the house that, the address of the Governor of the state Gurbachan Jagat was perfect and an elaborated statement which covers all aspects of developmental activities of the state that have been taken up by the state government for the welfare and prosperities of the state.
The address which was made on the floor of the house have highlighted the achievements of the SPF government for the current year in terms of improving fiscal policies of the state which could improve various aspects of developmental programmes and various sectors and speedy works on different major projects taken up in the state.
Later the, MLA Dr Kh Ratankumar who seconded the motion also elaborated the Governor’s address as a compiled study of the state of the various developmental activities that have been undertaken in the state.
In the meantime, senior opposition MLA O Joy, MLA RK Anand and MLA Morung Makunga have raised their motion on the amendment of the governor address today and mentioned that, the very address of the governor have left out various policies that the state government aught to take up.
They further mentioned the house that, the recent address did not reflect any government policies on the perfect generations of the employment in the state due to the lack of the state plans and policies for the establishment of the major industries, failure to have an effective policies for the welfare schemes like maternity benefits, old age pensions and nutrition in the interior parts of the state.
They further mentioned that it has also failed to reflect the objectives of the state government to have resource mobilization in the hills and interior areas of the state by implementing various projects under Minor Irrigation and other sponsored awareness programmes on the implementations that have been carried out by the state government for the development of the state in the far flunk rural and hill areas of the state till today.
The discussion of the governor address will continue in tomorrow’s sitting of the ongoing session of the state assembly.


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