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Govt mulling over to impose restriction on temporary road side market sheds

IMPHAL, March 24: Eight more Demands for Grants for the financial year 2011-12, amounting to Rupees 675,64,34,000, were unanimously passed by the house today after deliberate discussion participated by members from both treasury and opposition benches.
The demands for grants which were passed in the house today includes Municipal Administration Housing and Urban Development amounting to Rs.169,59,69,000, Rs.14,87,76,000 for Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution, Rs.129,04,76,000 for Agriculture, Rs.261,07,58,000 for Public health Engineering, Rs.77,36,51,000 for Minor Irrigation, Rs.6,63,21,000 for state Academy of Training, Rs.27,14,90,000 for Welfare of Minorities and Other Backward Classes and Rs.9,71,93,000 for Relief and Disaster Management the amounts incurring to its demands are to be granted to defray the charges which will come in the course of payment during the financial year ending March 31, 2012.
While clarifying to queries raised by opposition bench, state Chief Minister, O. Ibobi Singh, said that delay in implementation of programme under the MAHUD was owing to involvement of different implementing agencies however to expedite and ensure work quality is maintain, monitoring is done from time to time.
He further maintained that with Manipur in the list of 63 mission city under the Jawaharlal Nehru Urban Renewable Mission (JNRUM) certain modification will be made.
The government is giving first priority to Solid waste management followed by modifications of Nambul, Naga River and all the drainage systems in entire Imphal area. With this aim, conversion of municipality to Imphal Municipal Co-operation is under active consideration, added the CM. Besides, the government is seriously discussing to impose restriction on temporary road side market sheds and has further call on everyone to utilize civic sense and know ones responsibility. 
In his response to queries on the issue of relief and disaster management, the Chief Minister appeal the speaker to revive and enforce the “Building Bio” as a preemptive measure against any catastrophic calamity in the state in view of the recent earthquake in Japan.
At the same time while clarifying on behalf of the CAF&PD minister, he said that pending quota of PDS for the state would soon be lifted as the ministry concerned had extended the date line for the state taking into consideration the recent unrest in the state due to the imposition of blockade, strike etc.
N. Loken, minister concerned for Minor Irrigation, said that the department is targeting to complete all the pre-requisite schemes taken up for the financial year 2009-2010 within financial of 2011-2012. He maintained that the shortcomings in implementing the schemes was due to financial shortage adding the department is trying to acquire a loan of Rs 22 crore from NABARD for reviving the tube wells and another amount of Rs 27.14 crore have been released for other irrigation schemes.
PHED minister TN. Haokip while responding to queries of the opposition members said that the department is living under the mercy of forest, electricity, IFCD etc.
The prevailing water crisis in the state will soon reach an alarming rate if the situation is not addressed in time, he said. The resource has becoming very limited nevertheless the minister added the department is doing its best adding 233 treatment plants have been identified and approval had been given by the cabinet and the DPR is underway for which about Rs 300 to 400 crore will be required. At the same time, an amount of 300 crore would be required for replacing the outdated water pipelines, he said.
While assuring that the current shortfall would be reduced to some extend for the Thoubal project would provide 45 mld. In order to meet the entire demand the department is also seriously discussing on tapping source from Barak, Loktak etc.
Meanwhile, the Agriculture minister, Ph. Parijat, in his clarification said that the department is gaining momentum in implementing various benefits and schemes for the farmers. Despite existing awareness, training, introduction of new methods to increase production an additional supportive programme is also in full progress.   
To avoid shortage of fertilizer he informed the house that he would personally be visiting Kamrup.
On the other hand the minister opined that even though crop insurance has been introduced in four valley districts of the state, banks are still reluctant due to disturbance cause by anti social elements imposing percentage deduction.
Earlier during the discussion, senior opposition member, O Joy Singh, Dr Ng Bijoy Singh, Dr. I Ibohalbi, RK Anand had move their cut motion to various demands during the discussion. MLA, Dr I Ibohalbi and O Joy Singh have moved their cut motion on Municipal Administration Housing and Urban Development on account of lack of clarity in delimitation of wards for the election of ward members and delay in implementation of programmes, cut motion were also jointly moved by the MLA, Dr Ng Bijoy and Dr I Bohalbi on Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution on account of lack of proper management of CAF & PD Department and Inability of the government to clarify on the lapsed of Rice and SK Oil quota of the state from the month of May 2010 onwards, and also in demand PHED on account of lack of sustainability of the PHED facility provided to the people, mal administration in the department, non completion of the laying of pipeline for the Oinam Water Supply Scheme.
Cut motions was also jointly raised by the MLA, O Joy Singh and MLA RK Anand in Minor Irrigation on account of mismanagement in the department and cut motion were also raised in Relief and Disaster Management by MLA Dr I Ibohalbi and MLA RK Anand during the demand discussions on account lack of preparedness in dealing with practical aspect in Relief and Disaster Management, inability of the government to fully recovered the funds misused by the officers of the Bishnupur DC office.Among the members from the treasury bench MLA, N Mangi has also participated in the demand discussion today, during which he draw the attention of state government to have proper water conservation plan considering the deceasing volume of availability of the water in the state year by year.
He further mentioned the house that above the efforts that been made by the state government in various aspects of developmental activities special attention need to paid to the agricultural sectors, Minor irrigation and water supply for healthy and prosperous state of Manipur in the future to come.
Later with the clarifications made from the concerned minister during the demand discussion all cut motions raised by the opposition member have withdrawn and later passed the said eight demands in the house today.
Earlier during the three consecutive days sittings of the state Assembly session which fall during the Yaoshang (Holy) festival on March, 21, 22 and 23 last total of 25 demands for grants 2011-12 amounting total of Rs.4330,88,32,000 have been passed in the house after discussions the demands for grants which were passed includes Rs.4,47,02,000 for Information and Publicity, Rs631,78,26,000 for Education, Rs.116,85,85,000 for Community Development and ANP, IRDP and NREP, Rs.361,03,49,000 for Power, Rs.56,10,52,000 for  Youth Affairs and Sports, Rs.28,51,68,000 for Fisheries, Rs.138,49,30,000 for Social Welfare Department, Rs.10,91,50,000 for Economics and Statistics, Rs.7,46,71,000 for Information Technology, Rs.425,81,62,000 for State Finance Department, Rs.19,39,27,000 for Cooperation, Rs.85,13,65,000 for Environment and Forest, Rs.13,71,49,000 for State Excise, Rs.3,08,61,000 for Sale tax, other taxes Duties on Commodities and Services, Rs.1415,45,26,000 for State Planning, Rs.1,15,42,000 for  Rehabilitation, Rs.29,41,92,000 for Arts and Culture, Rs.49,04,54,000 for Horticulture and Soil Conservation, Rs.640,67,21,000 for Police, Rs.263,78,57,000 for Medical Health and Family Welfare, Rs.2,15,22,000 for Vigilance Department, Rs.6,46,87,000 for Fire Protection and Control, Rs.8,78,80,000 for Jails, Rs.9,86,93,000 for Home Guards and Rs.4,47,61,000 for Stationary and Printing.



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