Editorial – Health Consciousness & Yaoshang Sports


Leader Writer: Hrishikesh Angom “Health is Wealth” is true for all and so the initiative of AMWJU for organizing the first journalists’ sports meet during the five-day Yaoshang break is quite commendable. As the journalists and other employees of media-houses work day and night for long hours with less relaxation, their health has been seriously affected. Owing to the work pressure the journalists often do not have much time to think of their health condition unless they fall sick. However, the sports meet will surely put a sense of health consciousness amongst the journalists. All scribes both young and old should test their physical strength and stamina in various track and field events including outdoor disciplines like football. Though the sports meet will conclude in a matter of five days but the scribes will obviously get health benefits as well as motivation for maintaining good health condition.
It is good news for the scribes of the state that a gymnasium will soon be set up at the premises of Manipur Press Club. The journalists can spare some hours at the gymnasium daily and have physical workout for maintaining good health condition. By doing so the work force of state media houses will surely get an impetus leading to enhanced growth and development.
Moreover, health awareness programme and medical camp should be organized regularly for the scribes. The awareness programme will impart more of health consciousness amongst the scribes and the medical camp will provide them opportunity to have regular health checkups which are otherwise neglected due to daily hectic assignments. The journalists should also be motivated to abstain from use of alcohol and narcotic drugs which are very much prevalent in the society. The scribes constitute the fourth pillar of democracy and so it is very important to maintain their health in good condition. The healthy and responsible journalists will take the state to a new height. The AMWJU with assistance from the state government should introduce health insurance and other schemes for the journalists of the state. 
The significance of the scribes’ sports meet also lies in uplifting games and sports in the state which is regarded as the “powerhouse of sports”. The state players have brought so many laurels to the state by securing several medals in various disciplines at the international competitions. The concept of organizing sports meet during the five-day Yaoshang break itself is quite commendable and it will provide a good platform for encouraging youths and children in the field of games and sports. Apart from this the youths will also be prevented from drug abuse and other social vices by inculcating discipline and other great values of games and sports. These games and sports will also improve the health condition of the people through active physical workout.
Concerning the need for good health condition in social development, games and sports should be promoted at the highest level. The Yaoshang sports meet will serve as a grass-root platform for the future sportspersons of the state. The people should have health consciousness and perform regular workout to keep the body in good form. The question of “health is wealth” should not be forgotten by the people. It is the health that counts a lot in the development perspective of a state. The aspiration of the people of the state should be the emergence of a healthy, peaceful and progressive society free from drug abuse and other social vices.


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