KCP charges Minister Parijat


    IMPHAL March 11: The KCP (Marxist ,Leninist and Maoist) in a press release by the outfits Assistant Secretary Nonglen Meitei hurled several allegations of corruption on the part of Minister Ph Parijat. The release states that the sibling of the minister who is unable to pass the metric exam outside the state was made to appear for the said exams finally at Bikom High School and under the favoritism of the minister was finally made a sub inspector. Along with his son, his other relatives namely Sanajit, Dhanajit, Surjit  have become millionaires. The minister has made money through corruption without giving a thought about communist principles, when he was the FCS minister and the Agriculture minister, he has amassed huge wealth from his nefarious practices, the release alleged. The outfit states that the underhanded practices of Sports Minister N Biren will be highlighted next.


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