KCP (MC) dictates to non locals


IMPHAL March 3: The Secretary Military Affairs of the KCP (MC),Lanheiba Meitei in a press release urged all non locals to leave the state.

The release further states that, the decision is a part of ‘Operation Clear Cut’ of the outfit and dictates several strictures including the ban of sale of land and property to outsiders, not to employ non locals and not to rent out living quarters, not to transport non locals within and outside the state and for all non locals to close shop etc.

The release also urged sitting MLAs to re impose the Inner Line Permit. The dictates of the outfit should be heeded by the concerned after April 4 or suffer consequences if unheeded. The release appeals the public to support the endeavor of the outfit.


  1. @Tongtong: Ya thtats true mak a law that no outsider can purchase land in Manipur..same law is applicable in Himachal too…but u can not ask any outsider to leave state..you poeple should raise your voice and force government to start taking some action..we the people can only do this by raising our voice..

  2. The cause is genuine – minority like manipuri needs to be protected. But there should not be any kind of violence. Rather it’s the duty of the government. The Manipur state government is totally failed in all fronts, always giving a chance for non-state actors to act and legitimize it. I hope the government of Manipur should formulate a law long before 40 yrs from now. Still have time to act. Better late than never. Manipuris should co-exist with non-manipuris peacefully anywhere including Manipur itself but non-manipuris should not be allowed to become owner of the land in Manipur – that needs to make some changes on land laws. Let them live on rented house and do business under governmen’ts routine screening. We should always encourage it. Never make them owner of this land. Imagine if Lalit Modi and his gangs buys half the total area of Manipur!

  3. Unbridled influx of mayang in Kangleipak is menace rather than ” democratic” here.No mayang will understand this!

    Though we dont want this way of measures(by the outfits)but rather State Govt should take head on measures to tackle this time bomb to defuse it at earliest to avoid any irreversible damage !

    NOTE: no advices acceptable from outside elements in this regards.

  4. this is rubbish..if this thing continue then the time is not too far when even other parts of india will also start doin g this and asks other non local to leave state..we are living in democratic country and eveyone has a right to live and work in any state..


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