KYKL reinstates ONK


IMPHAL March 11: (Contd) The release further states that the moral fabric of the society is degrading day by day and the persons who are being trustworthy are no longer eligible to be trusted. The situation has become that no one trust the next person and loss of social capital occurs. There are no means to conduct business and other economic transactions thus creating loss of organizational capacity. The civil societies have met their downfall and there is no communal harmony. The sense of patriotism is also lost and the collective strength of the public has diminished.
There are many who are self centered and looking for their own profits and that has led to the defeat of many agitations held in the state and the public living a life of hopelessness with no sense of dignity and without transitive thinking.
The intellectuals of the state are also lost  in the state of affairs and we are all living in a dehumanized manner and the society has gone down the drain and referred to a quote from British historian, Arnold J Toynbee (1889-1975), “Out of twenty one notable civilizations, nineteen perish not by conquest but by moral decay from within”. The war waged by the Indian Nation targets economy of the state and hinders the self reliance. The state is being brought to the whims of the Indian nation, which will lead to nothing but losses for the state and the strive towards self dependency, the release states.
Ino order to bring up the status of the state and strive for independence, the community needs to address their thinking which will only be brought by bringing a change in the education system which will be the path to salvation, thus the KYKL has decided to reinstitute the ONK for bringing about a change in the educational atmosphere, the release states.


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