KYKL to reinstate Operation New Kangleipak


IMPHAL March 10: The Kanglei Yawol Kanna Lup (KYKL) in a press release by the outfit’s Publicity and Research Secretary Langamba Mangang states that the Operation New Kangleipak (ONK) was initiated earlier to save the educational system of the state and was suspended in 28 August 2008.
Following pressure from all quarters to reinstate the ONK,a meeting was held in the regard by the central committee members of the organization on February last and after much deliberation decided to restore the ONK from March 2011 onwards.
The outfit has stated before, the need to improve the system of education in the past and states once again the need to do so. The release states that efforts are made to fight for independence but the ways of the society are so much hampered which borders on undeserving of being independant, it is a fact that without the support of the masses, the revolutionary goal is seemingly distant and the public support is a must.
The release questions when the revolutionaries have become counter revolutionaries and the armed wings have detoriated ,and the public have become having sidelined the freedom struggle, how will the land become independent.
The mindset of the populace has changed and solely relies on help from outside the state and the thinking is deep rooted. Today, no one believes that in 1949 ,the state was self reliant and had a congenial state of affairs. The politicians rely on help from Delhi and the politics of the state is controlled by outsiders whch can be compared to the attitude of a beggar.
The prevalent trend is corruption, nepotism and  easy money. Work culture have become irrelevant and culture of poverty is envogue. Even though some people may be well off, but the majority of the masses are incapable of standing up for themselves and the earning capacity has become poor,there is no cultural capital. Education, moral has been sidelined and no effort has been given to build up the moral fabric,the sense of wisdom and justice,fortitude,self control,love, positive attitudes and industriousness are lost in the cesspool. There is no integrity in the present society and the rightful Samaritan is viewed as an ignorant person ,the public banks on corruption and power,the release states.


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