Land records identify only four out of 35 villages as revenue village in Tbl: Rev minister


IMPHAL, March 18: State Revenue minister, Th Devendra said as per the land records and district map of Thoubal district, out of the 35 villages namely Sora, Pallel, Khangshim Haikakpokpi, Kuraopokpi, Salemram, Nungourak, Tuisimi, Maringphai, Salemphai, Khurakthil, Khunbi tuisen, Kangoi Khunou, Khurkarthil, L Phaijang Teraphai, Beauralam A. Kombirei, A Tampak, A. Khudmaphai, A. Chingnunghut, A Khullen, A. Khunjai, A.Chandonpokpi, A Saitu, Molnom SP Saichang, Zion, Molnoi, H. Wajang, H. Kotlenphai, L Sijang, Kakching Mantak, Phunansambum and Unapal only four villages, Sora, Pallel Aimol Khullen and Kakching Mantak are recognized revenue villages of the district while the remaining 31 villages are unrecognized villages which are wholly or partly within different recognized villages of Thoubal district, while replying to a query raised by MLA Y Surcahndra Singh during the question and answer session of the assembly today.
In yet another question raised by MLA, E Suraj Singh, the revenue minister replied that, the compensation for the land acquisition on NH-39 (Yaiskul-Singjamei stretch) has been fully paid and there is no plan for the state government to increase the rate of compensation for land acquisition on NH-39.
Further replying to the queries from the Speaker, I Hemochandra, revenue minister further mentioned that, for the Singjamei areas out of 343 patadars  29 Patadars  are yet to collect their compensation for land acquisition and the state government has already released a total amount of Rs.9,54,306 for the payment of land compensations for said areas.
The state rural development and panchayati raj minister, Md Allauddin Khan said the reason for not initiating the works along the  Sagang-Sugunu Raod, Pombikhok Ring Road, Main Road to Wangoo Sabal Ring Road, via Terakhong, Bamon Leirak even though the Silchar Engineering College had given technical sanction under PMGSY was due to the return of the Detail Project Reports DPRs and the non sanctioning of funds by Ministry of Rural Development, Govt. of India and replying to further question, the minister mentioned that the Black topping of Wangoo Mayai Lambi will be completed by May this year.
In another question raised by MLA, H. Borajao, the RD & PR minister further replied that the ongoing works to the roads leading to Phayeng from Maklang undertaken under PMGSY VI-Phase will be completed by May this year and that so far Rs.135.89 lakhs has been expended.
The state IFCD minister N Biren Singh said the state government has taken up programmes/aid for the upliftment of the general public affected by the flood in Khabi, Thangtek, Kha-Jiri Kamong of Konthoujam Assembly while replying queries made by the MLA, K Sharat. He further replied that, the department will take up measures for repairment of river bank along the Merakhong river after conducting spot survey.
In yet another question raised by the MLA Dr. U Deven Singh, the state IFCD minister replied that the Sekmai Barrage project at Keirak village has been providing irrigation to 1850 hectors of paddy fields and funds has been released for the maintenance of this barrage project during this last three years which includes Rs.44 lakhs for Main Barrage, Rs.120 lakhs for L/F 170 cusecs main canal, Rs. 30 lakhs for R/S 40 Cusecs main canal and Rs.26 lakhs for L/S 40 Cusecs main canal.The state works minister K.Ranjit said, the state PWD has plans for construction of a Sawombung Bridge along the National Highway 150, Imphal-Ukhrul road to the standard of 2 lane and construction work will be started as soon as the funds are sanctioned, while replying to queries from MLA, Th Shyamkumar in the house today.
The state Agriculture minister Ph Parijat while replying to the queries from MLA RK Anand, mentioned that there is a state policy to develop high yielding modern variety of rice in Manipur. He further mentioned that, the department of Agriculture have so far released eight varieties of rice viz. Punshi, Phouoibi, Leimaphou, Akutphou, Sanaphou, Ereimaphou, Pariphou and Ginphou, replying to supplementary question, he also mentioned that the question of patenting the rice varieties does not arise as they are natural products, however, department of Agriculture, Manipur is considering for inclusion of Geographical Indication Registry (GIR), minister added.
Later state Social Welfare minister, L Loken while replying the queries from MLA, O Joy Singh, mentioned in the house today that the state government has received a letter bearing No. 19-17/2010-CD-II dated 26/10/2010 from the Ministry of Women & Child Development, New Delhi for giving additional honorarium at the rate of Rs.100 per month for Angawadi worker and Rs.50 for helpers. Replying to supplementary questions minister further mentioned in the house that total of Rs.1,78,19,000 had been reflected to the state budget for the projects and provisions for the implementation of additional honorarium will started from April next month, minister added.


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