MCC promotes cycling; hand overs cycle to first lucky member


IMPHAL, March 13: A real campaign to promote cycle as a key means for transport in the valley particularly both for work and pleasure has put into action with the formal handing over a brand new mountain bicycle to Manipur Cycle Club(MCC)`s lucky members at Jupiter Yambem Centre along the busy Paona Keithel in Imphal on Sunday.

The motive behind the launching of the campaign cycle here in the north eastern state is to reduce congestion, air and noise pollution, reduce carbon footprint in addition to the health benefits.

To make the dream into reality a group of bicycle enthusiasts from various walks of life formed MCC on January 23 meeting.
The idea is also to revive the shrinking bicycle lane and parking lots in the City Development Plan(CDP) of Imphal under Union Ministry of Housing and Urban Property Alleviation’s Jawaharlal Nehru Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) programme in Manipur.

Former State Human Rights Commission member Yambem Laba who is MCC`s working group leader handed over a RB colour 210 US dollar worth Hercules Ryder(ACT-110S)bicycle to its lucky winner in presence of other MCC members.

Imphal town having around 2.5 lakh population(2001 census) was among 63 Indian cities wherein JNNURM aimed at developing and improving water supply, roads, play grounds, parks, street lamps, drainage etc in an effort to encourage creation of financially sustainable inclusive cities since its inception in 2005.

However there was no reports of providing bicycle lane or parking lots in the CDP of Imphal under JNNURM”,a bicycle enthusiast and MCC member said.

In short the Club is the outcome of health, economy and environment affecting all sections of society, locally and globally.
The newly formed working group is expected to study the pros and cons of the central business district of the state’s CDP. Among many decisions arrived after minute discussions in the day’s meeting,the MCC will campaign for creating cycle lane and parking space in Imphal city besides formalizing launching of a bicycle marup or scheme so that at least four of each of its interested members would be offered a brand new bicycle every month.


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