MDC to look after ADC schools


From Kaimuanthang
Lamka Mar 2: The process of rejuvenating 170 JB Schools under the 24 ADC constituencies of Ccpur have been initiated with an aim to provide basic education to the poor childrens of 14 years since sometimes back after MDC`s are at the helm of affairs.
This has been stated by Langkhanpau Guite Chairman of Ccpur ADC while inetracting with this correspondent.
Maintaining most appointed teachers are insisted to turn up to their place of posting he said they will not be allowed to appoint others in their place by making payment from some part of their salary and if found guilty action will be taken according to law.
Urging all concern to join hands in the initiatives for the sake of imparting education to all he said all those schools have become dysfuntional during the last 20 years.
About 1000 plus teachers under the ADC schools are now being pressed to to do their duties with many schools being reconstructed and incases of those villages who do not have schools an alternative arrangement were made said Langkhanpau Guite.
He said in each constituency one model shool each will be set up so that students from the areas will be able to study there and then gets education while adding to say that in certain schools wearing of uniforms have been introduced.
Though earlier taken cared by the CEO the MDC`s will now looked after all these schools he said while stating the need for upgradation of AI to DI and a sufficient number of officials to take cared of this insitutes.
To begin with the Haopi Range MDC Paominlian constructed shools at Bohlui village Government JB schools and then provided it with sufficient furnitures besides introducing uniforms and donating to the students free of cost.
We are very much indebted to the MDC for his love for education which has gone to the extend of making me able to make my daughter go to schools today said one of the villagers Chinniang to this correspondent.
Another schools at Misao Lhahvom village is under construction with initiatives of the MDC and through his own spending while about 150 sudents are made to attend classes in a makeshift schools nearby with the village churcH.
Miss Mary of the school told this correspondent that before they have not been able to accomodate all the students yet as a result of the arrangement now many wiiling parents may send their childrens to be imparted education and further pointed out that all staffs of the schools are very greatly indebted to the MDC.


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