Ministers` clarification wins another eight demands for grants


IMPHAL, March 18: Eight more Demands for Grants for the financial year 2011-12 amounting total of Rs.737,76,39,000 were passed in the house after a threadbare discussions participated by various members from the both ruling and opposition benches during the session today.
The Demands which were passed in the house includes Transport amounting Rs.4,66,35,000, Public Works Department Rs.319,12,25,000, Rs.268,72,91,000 for Development of Tribals and Scheduled Caste, Rs.56,69,70,000 for Commerce and Industries, Rs.43,08,46,000 for Panchayat, Rs.28,13,13,000 Sericulture, Rs.7,64,67,000 for Tourism and  Rs.9,68,92 for Science and Technology which are to be defray the charges which will come in the course of payment during the financial year ending  March 31, 2012 in respect of all mentioned eight demands.
Besides, MLA Dr Ng Bijoy Singh have raised his motion of disapproval of policy cut to the demand Transport on account of lack of traffic management in Imphal City and lack of development of motels along the highways besides, MLA I Ibohanbi has also raised his economic cut on account of lack of development of alternative routes to prevent traffic jam in the Imphal city during peak hours.
Further, MLA, Th Shyamkumar and MLA I Ibohanbi have also raised their motion of token cut and economic cut to the demand Development of Tribals and Scheduled Caste on account of mal-administration in the department and inability of the government to promote equal development of Scheduled Caste villages in Manipur. Further motion of economic cut and token cut were also raised by MLA, I Ibohalbi and MLA Shyamkumar on the demand of Panchayats on account of inability to prevent the leakage of fund from the Panchayats to the anti-social elements and irregularities committed in the last panchayat election in Andro Assembly Constituency and lack of adequate facility for the elected persons.
Further, MLA Dr Ng Bijoy and MLA, Th Shyamkumat have jointly raised the motion for disapproval of policy cut on the demand Tourism on account of lack of tourism infrastructures in the state, lack of adequate and speedy development of tourism facility and lack of proper management of the tourism facility.
In the  meantime, following the clarifications made by the various concerned minister in the house during the discussion and voting of demands for grants in the house, the motion of policy cuts, economic cuts, token cut and disapproval of policy cut moved by various MLAs have withdrawn and house unanimously passed the eight demands today in the house.



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