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Nine demands passed amid motion of token cut raised by opposition MLAs

IMPHAL, March 17: Initiation of discussion and voting on the demand for grants, 2011-12 has marked the full budget session (10th Session of the 9th Manipur Legislative Assembly) today as the house unanimously passed a total amount of Rs.574,64,40,000 crores for nine demands which are to be granted to defray the charges which will come in course of payment during the financial year ending March 31 this year.
The said total amounts for the demands including state legislature amounting Rs.30,02,11,000, council of minister Rs.4,45,28,000, secretariat Rs. 51,10,06,000, labour and employement Rs. 14,45,52,00, animal husbandry and veterinary including dairy farming amounting Rs.60,79,24,000 administration of justice Rs.16,00,61,000, irrigation and flood control Rs.341,25,37,000 after the withdrawal of the motion of token cut and policy cut raised during the discussion and voting of the said demands during the session today.
Initially during the discussion and voting of the said demands senior opposition MLA O Joy Singh had move his motion of token cut on the demand of council of ministers on account of lack of efficiency and effectiveness in the implementation of flagship programmes financed by the central government, lack of transparency in the preparation of the annual work programme of different departments thereby leading to the autocratic behavior of administration. Further MLA Dr I Ibohalbi, MLA Ng Bijoy and MLA Shyamkumar have raise their motion of economic cut in various demands on the account of  failure to settle the land dispute at Senjam Chirang areas thereby creating tension between two communities inspite of the direction given by the court, inequality in district administration between districts, lack of policy or absence of policy for the length of time of posting of officers in the districts, inaction of the  department in providing the facilities to the  public, lack of adequate distribution of dairy products, lack of manpower development in animal husbandry department, failure of providing adequate veterinary hospital in different districts of the state.
Further motion of  policy and economic cut was also raised by MLA Dr I Ibohalbi and MLA Th Shyamkumar to the demands of Election and Irrigation and Flood Control Department on account of lack of  clarity on delimitation of municipalities  and nagar panchayats for members, clarification of the  delimitation of gram panchayats and lack of  proper infrastructural development for providing irrigation water to the paddy field, lack of provision of funds for the river bank management in A/Cs other than the S/Cs where there are big rivers/rivulets.
The opposition MLAs of the MPP have also jointly raised their token cut policy on Irrigation and Flood Control Department on account of lack of proper policies for advanced pre-monsoon protection works at different vulnerable points of the rivers, lack of proper policies for dredging the rivers under a proper master plan and lack of proper policies for construction of diversion canal for using at the time of unprecedented flood level during the monsoon season.



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