NSCN K alleges IM group behind volatile situation in eastern Nagaland


IMPHAL, March 16: Isak and Muivah whose hands are stained with the blood of innocent Nagas will definitely have to pay the price for the crime they have committed. It is sad that many Naga people are still supporting a group of gangster who is hell bent in sucking the innocent Naga blood. Muivah is nothing but a self proclaimed hero. How on earth, can a man claims responsibility as a savior for others when he himself cannot visit his own hometown Somdal? How can a liar claim to have the mandate of the Naga people? Muivah must repent before God and humankind for the crimes he has committed. He must seek God`s love and instill a sense of fear to God. After all God is the creator of this universe and he is just among one of His creation. He should not consider himself above God.
The inhuman and barbaric act and the savage behavior of Muivah goons came to fore yesterday, when after a brief gun battle at Hashik- Noknu village in eastern-Nagaland the merciless killer fired a mortar shell on the villagers killing many civilians including women and children. Of the total 120-130 houses nearly 80-90 houses have been completely gutted and brought down to ashes. Even the granaries were not spared. It is unfortunate that, the Eastern Nagaland which was till recently so peaceful is now boiling every minute with mortar shells, grenade launcher and bullets. People are so shocked that, they just cannot think what to do and what not to? Life has been brought to a complete halt and paralyzed completely.
People are undergoing acute trauma with all hell breaking loose on them. Sadly, after a gap of 23 (twenty three) years, the eastern Nagaland is witnessing such a highly volatile situation today and there should be no doubt that, the IM has made use of the reconciliation process to re-enter into Eastern Nagaland.


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