Op “clear-cut” is to bring demographic balance: KCP-MC


    IMPHAL, Mar 9: The proscribed KCP-MC has asserted that the operation “clear-cut” of the outfit has been launched to check the influx of non-locals and thereof bring a demographic balance in Manipur.
    A statement of secretary Lanheiba Meitei stated that the outfit has taken up the step of checking the ever-increasing population of non-locals in due consideration for the welfare of the Manipuris.
    The KCP-MC also appealed to all people to support the operation “clear-cut” and help liberate Manipur from the clutches of colonial rule.


    1. This is a hopeless try for KCP- MC, Non-Manipuries are large in number than the local Manipuries. Why Non-Manipuries like Kukies,Nagas and other tribals are also Non-Manipuries, Why KCP- Targets only the Biharies and Nepali as because they don’t have the outfit and they are the one who never create problems to them. KCP-MC are just showing that they can do something to innocents. They cannot face the other tribals and other outfits as other groups are stronger than the small KCP-MC rats.


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