Plebiscite meet at Kumbi


IMPHAL March 27: A meeting was held at Kumbi Keithel ,Bishnupur today  by the All Kumbi Kendra Women Welfare Association on the theme “ Manipur –India muknaba amasung muknaba asi wakheinaba meeyam saruk yaba”.
The meeting was attended by M Maniyai, advisor of All Kumbi Kendra Women Welfae Association, K Khomdonbi, general secretary of the association, social activist A Angangtombi and Th Ramani, general secretary of Nupi Samaj were the presidiums members. president of UPF, Y Dhiren and Joy Nongmaithemcha, social activist were the resource persons.
 Y Dhiren in his speech stated the state has seen more than 50 years of conflict; the conflict situation has given a hard blow to the populace. In order to resolve the confrontation, the public should press for holding of the plebiscite otherwise different human rights violations are randomly committed by the security forces in the name of counter insurgency, he said.  Joy Nongmaithemcha in a similar address stated that the public is bearing the brunt of the conflict situation and undergrounds groups are also committing excessive actions against the public, the public needs to address the situation. In order to bring peace in the region, the need for holding a democratic exercise of the plebiscite is the need of the hour, he stated. The meeting also unanimously resolved to urge the concerned to hold the plebiscite under the aegis of the United Nations, to transfer the case of UNLF chairman RK Meghen among others to the state and also to appraise the resolutions taken in the meeting today to the notice of the UN and other human rights organizations.


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