Pride and prejudice of democracy in local area of Manipur


While associating with the law of the land of the largest Democracy, India. The Manipur as a part of it, believed to be of having fairer Democracy that other Democratic States of India under the Secular Progressive Front (SPF).

The need of the day is to make way towards strengthening the unique principle of democracy from the grassroot level with the involvement of the larger people through democratizing system of local government, irrespective of caste, relegion etc. in the interest of the larger democratic government.

The very foundation of democracy lies on the mass participation of the people elswhere in the state like Panchayat Raj, Jilla Parishad etc. in the valley and Autonomous District Council in the Hills, established under the mandate provision of the democratice government and wherein, the party system and principle of democracy plays active role.

To the amazement of the people, the government of Manipur in its cabinate decision adopted to impose to the local government to the effect that “No-Confident Motion” could be effected within 2(two) years without any basic principle of democracy when the term and principle of democracy do not differ from the formation of the parliamentary, legislative and the local government.

The Hill Autonomous District Council was established as enacted by the Parliament of the twenty second year of Republic of India simultaneously with the creation of the Statehood of Manipur-1971 under article 371 (C) of the constitution of India, thereby, the Hill Aeas Committee came into existence to deal with matter relating to Hill affairs which also embedded in the Manipur (HILL AREAS) District Council Act -1971. Such a proposal of the Government concerning Hill matter may ratehr be under the purview of the Manipur Hill Area Committee.

It is of the public opinion that ejecting the term of eligiblity of MOTION in the local government may amount to a premafacie decision and is prejudice, which may rather infringe the democratic right of the people who are the pillars and the back-bone of Democracy in the world order.

Yours faithfully
I.T. Road, Sadar Hills


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