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By B.A. SharmaThe Sterling of independent has been dumped and dimmed in front of the eyes of the people of India. The shrewd hungry men eked the freedom of individuals towards fulfilling the lust of self content. But the term independent has been kept distance behind the people of the country. Aware of people deviates independent from the encyclopedia of self content or freedom. But the people have to work hard so as enable to fulfill own demands by own produces for the term independent, to be spelled into the people of the country with right manner. Further, the sense of the people should measure the value of independent, of possession of such, protracted ideological wars have been confronted by the people of the country. Besides, such wards and beyond the wars – the factor independent caused huge lost of human lives, properties, civilization; alongside population were fighting for survival. Leading to the matter of the facts Indians have struggled to set free from the British rule.
But today, of the said freedom fighters who have fought the British rule been obviously decreased during eighties and in nineties. Till nineties limited leaders were surviving. Perhaps, today – there is no freedom fighters who are directly involving the active politics. During the blink of time the hardship faced by the freedom fighters are forgetting from the minds of the present leaders. They are not ready to feel the realities but simply learnt from the history of freedom.
At the golden sixty three critical independent years India is facing a historic era, during such, national leaders are under the grip of corruption, disproportionate assets. Yesterday a leader was in the street scan today the same leader is under scan of disproportionate asset. On the other hand leaders are enjoying super-class facilities; of bungalows, cars, GHOS (Govt. Hospitality Services), Escorts, Guards and extra fair facilities on tours and travels.
On the other hand general public is segregating with distinctions of classes like 1st class, above poverty, poverty, below poverty lines categorical status. As still, people are living on NREGA for 100 days job opportunity, provided by the UPA government for the unemployed rural people @ Rs. 80/- per day. As per NREGA a person is living on Rs. 22/- per day.What scheme and programme introduced by the UPA Govt. ? What annual budget of a Finance Minister tabled and explained ? Such budget in which no discussion for general population been made, is useless.
How far NREGA is successful ? What is the product of NREGA? Is NREGA product accountable to the national treasury ? Shall NREGA able to improve the per capita income of the people of the nation ?
We the people of India are facing a pongled democratic administration in the country. At the while the parliamentary culture of the country introduced in India for the population of 104 crores would have deal by the freedom fighters, which is now lamenting. The duties of a member of the Legislative Assembly as well as in the Parliament have to be matured in a disciplined institution, but it is not witnessing in the present scenarios. Productive matters are not visible in the discussion, but, loosing the whole season of a parliament session with the fight of corruption and scan.
And thus, integrity of the parliamentarians and Assembly members are either lost or immature. Numbers of such members are unable to present the problems of the states, rather witnessing like dump for which the people casting votes, using the franchise of the citizens in the name of election. Hence for the continuous stress of money power and muscles power are practicing in election. National issues have been distancing in the atmosphere of scan season. Slinging dirty debates upon corruption and misuse of money; rather stash money in the foreign bank and its exposure could not elaborately convinced to the parliamentarians and public from the UPA Govt. Trying to kill days, months and years.
The Union Govt. has own guidelines. And look out of president on the UPA Govt. found not clear. But, the state has directives but seasonal. The state has specific functionaries under the scan of Governors surveillance, but found the advice of the state govt. is superseding the ethics of the central agencies.
Therefore, the reach out of the Agencies are hardly touched the prophesies of the state, which is peculiar character of the state government. Although, ethic is the science of morality of the leaders whose character has supreme value for the population of the state, the virtue of the people.
Moreover, the young leaders are also accounting into the list of the freedom fighters, whom to be honoured in the nation, which is blind folding to the people of the nation. Hence such leaders are not even qualified to be a democrat, very popular in the states.
These are real criteria in the states where the political leaders are not qualified, whose institutions are different from the ideal stream of national understanding, whose lives would account for into the list of the national value. Now the present situation is adulterating personal values to the national value. This is the height of selfishness in the name of the leadership.Therefore, the most important, and distinction of politics must be of institutional Leaders would either have politically institution or a cadre born personality. Such persons use to groom by the environment of the institutions, in which the virtue of the people of the nation fixed. They have been disciplined in a particular principle. They can not be opportunist. They became solid and strong. They become freedom fighters. Their thoughts and practice are valued to the nation, shall not be devalued by self interest. Every statement of such leaders are dedicated; movement and steps are also meant to be a national movement.
But, our leaders like Honourable Home Minister Shri P. Chidambaram use to visit the state in mute without gathering. Neither state could provide the crowd for the valuable leader nor arrangement been made for the crowd by the state government. In like manner, the No.-1 Citizen of India, the highest honour of the Nation, the President of India Smt. Pratibha Devi Singh Patil visited Manipur, welcomed by BAND; for which the state Govt. is very happily accepted the BAND. Because, the security arrangements have been decreased to the limited areas, when the VVIP has been restricted due to propaganda and threat of the organisations. If the President of India was visiting for the people at least the hand swings of the public on the road side would have been the highest regard to a leader. But, the visit of the President of a nation compromised by the Union Govt. without dealing the circumstances how ?
Thus, the opportunity to collect the presentation and message from the people of the state has been sealed by the state govt. to the VVIP due to mismanagement of the state. The meaning of democracy has been fixed by the state govt. In turn, the people have lost the opportunity of a direct meeting of the VVIP from whom the people can expect the future.
And therefore, democracy in Union India seems to be flogs of ships on free movement and crocodiles behind. The camouflaged crocodiles are engaged behind the ships. Because, the crocodiles are above psudo democrats and the ships are dummy demonstrating elements of the Democratic Union India by theory and rather opportunist are acting like crocodiles in the name of democrats.
This is the character of the democrats of the nation who are not willing to expose in public but act like bureaucrats from behind. Hence innocent peoples are in search of green buds in which AHIMSHA exist.
Who will bring a good governance through which the people shall dream a non-deprived state.


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