“SAVE LOKTAK OUR LIFE” – Ranbir Thouna live on stage (INDIA Tour)


Tamna sanggai was launched mainly to record and produce music, contemporary as well as folk based music. But later it branched out to work on social related issues using music as a medium. Its director is Ranbir Thouna, one of the biggest singer/composer in manipur with 24 albums to his credit (11 as music director for films). Its board of directors includes the top notch intellectuals, bureacrats, artists and politicians of manipur.

International theatre icon Padmanshree Ratan Thiyam, Padmashree writer (Her royal highness) late MK Binodini, national award winning filmmaker A.Shyam Sharma has lauded the efforts put up by the young generation.

Leading Manipuri singer and an alumni of London’s Trinity College, Ranbir Thouna, is doing for Loktak Lake to create awareness to secure the future of these to much sought after addresses for tourists.
From organising concerts and a cycle rally to releasing an album and booklet on the lake, Thouna is single-handedly campaigning for protection of the lake on the theme Save Loktak, Our Life, through a musical campaign .
Ranbir Thouna has organised two concerts — one in Imphal in April and the other at Moirang, a fringe village of the lake last month — on the theme of Loktak lake, besides releasing his album Loktak: Save Loktak, Our Life on June 20. The theme song Ho ema nungshibi Loktak, Ho ima nungshibi Loktak (Oh beloved mother Loktak, oh beautiful mother Loktak) of the album was a huge hit. Now next Music Campaign under the theme SAVE LOKTAK OUR LIFE will organized in New Delhi on 9th April 2011, 16th April 2011 bengalore, 22nd April Pune and north eastern part of india.
Thouna also organised a bicycle rally on June 26 in Bishnupur district to create awareness about the need to protect the environment of Loktak.

The campaign is to create awareness about the conservation of Loktak Lake, the largest fresh water lake in Northeast India. The lake was recognised as Ramsar site in 1990. Keibul Lamjao, the only floating national park in the world is situated at the south west part of the lake. It is home to the endangered Manipur brow antlered deer ‘Sangai’ – Cervus eldi eldi and many endangered species. The lake is an Important Bird Area identified by BNHS, Mumbai and Birdlife International.
The 300 square km lake, spread over three districts in the valley, is the source of livelihood for hundreds of people. It is the largest freshwater lake in the Northeast and also houses the floating national park Keibul Lamjao. “Because of mounting pollution, siltation, explosive growth of phumdis (floating biomass) and also commissioning of a hydel project in the eighties, the lake is struggling for survival,” Kh. Shamungou, well-known environmentalist, said.
The campaign, under the banner of Thouna’s production unit — Tamna Sangai — has hired Shamungou. The unit released a booklet, written by Shamungou, on June 20 on the significance of the lake, its condition and suggestions for saving the lake. He has also involved authors like Late M.K. Binodini and police officers.



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