SOAS, London in Solidarity with Irom Chanu Sharmila


Source: Kanglaonline Reporter

LONDON, 07 March:

The School of Oriental and African Studies, London (SOAS) is observing the centenary of the International Women Day in a week long celebration at the student’s lounge. As a part of this observation a public meeting was held in honour of Irom Sharmila Chanu on 04-March 2011.

Babloo Loitongbam - noted human right activist and Director of the Human Rights Alert

Jo Baker, a human right academician and activist and a keen follower of Sharmila’s struggle led the meeting and noted human right activist and Director of the Human Rights Alert, Mr Babloo Loitongbam shared the genesis of the woman’s struggle in Manipur and place Irom Sharmila Chanu’s extraordinary struggle against the Armed Forces Special Power Act in perspective. The meeting attended by British and international students, scholars, activist etc was also attended by a strong Manipuri crowd settling in and around London. It was a unique opportunity to talk about the unprecedented struggle of Sharmila and the highly repressive situation in Manipur.

Leaflets highlighting the non-violent protest of Sharmila Chanu were distributed. Jo Baker, also took the initiative of taking many hand written personalize message from the participating individuals and handed over to Iron Chanu Sharmila.

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The meeting concluded with a request to sign up the ongoing signature campaign for Sharmila to be considered for the Nobel Peace Prize.


  1. Dear Eche Sharmila,
    Wish you all the best on the eve of International women day!

    Honors from different organizations, a few awards, recognitions, candlelight in support of her struggle etc., ARE these replacement of her demand to provide right to live with true democratic value in the so called biggest democracy in the world?
    Are Tibetans ready to barter their demand to free Tibet from China with the Peace Novel peace price bestowed upon Dalai Lamma?

    Novel Peace price vs Democracy for Aung San Suu Kyi and Liu Xiabo?

    Sharmila, will be in the history book of Manipur as a lady who fought genuine democratic battle against paradoxical Indian Act AFSPA 1958. But, we never know whether she would be as lucky as Mahatama Gandhi who saw Independent India.


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