Speaker summons CS on state officer’s absence from Assembly proceedings


IMPHAL, March 9: In a significant ruling, concerning the negligence of state bureaucrat officers in attending the sittings of the crucial stage of the on going state Assembly session today, Speaker I Hemochandra Singh of the Manipur Legislative Assembly has summoned the chief secretary, DS Poonia to appear before the Speaker’s office tomorrow morning at 10 am to give explanation over the failures of various heads of department and bureaucrats during the discussion of the governor’s address which was made yesterday before the House.
In this connection the Speaker during the second day of the 10th Session of the 9th Manipur Legislative Assembly taking the records of officers present during today’s session mentioned that, as per the official records of state Assembly register a total of 53 officials from the state Secretariat were present till the end of the morning session and further it has been officially recorded that, only 17 officials were present to hear the afternoon sitting today.
In his official announcement in the house during the afternoon session, the Speaker expressed his concerned and grievances on the negligence of the state bureaucrats failing to attend the crucial budget session of the state as well as during the discussion hour of the Governor’s address which is very much related to the total development aspects of the state government.
While taking the matter seriously, the Speaker has advised the chief secretary to attend before the Speaker’s Chamber, Assembly complex at 10 am tomorrow for explanation on the matter as well as to make the officials working at the Manipur Secretariat to attend the assembly proceedings compulsory during the crucial discussion of the budget session in future.
On the other hand, certain strictness in the ruling of the newly appointed Speaker of 9th Manipur Legislative Assembly could also be seen today as all the draft runners (Jamandars) of the Assembly secretariat were advised to stop their free movements inside the Assembly halls while the session is going on.
The matter was taken with serious consideration by the house following the aggressive comments against one of the Jemandar (draft runner) while the said Jemandar was trying to submit a document handed over to him by one of the member of the house to be submitted to another while the Chief Minister was responding to a query made by a member during the Question and Answer hour this morning inside the house.
Chief Minister O Ibobi Singh, responding to the act of the said Jemandar categorically made his aggressive word ‘ Sumaina Sum Touradi session Asi Mokery Mahalle, Mashigumba maong ashi ashi matungda Amuk Touganu’.
Later taking the seriousness on the sentiments that have been felt by the leader of the house on disturbances from the Jemandar of the Assembly Secretariat, speaker I Hemochandra after completion of the answer from the Chief Minister his ruling by announcing restriction on loitering of Jemandars (runners) of the Assembly secretariat inside the assembly halls in the future sittings of the house.


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