Three plays to showcase rich theatre tradition at the Delhi NE Indigenous theatre festival


NEW DELHI, March 28 (MIC): Manipuri plays-Tangkhul Nurabi directed by Dr Makhonmani Mongshaba of Epathoukok, Loi Kaba (Return From Exile) directed by M. Nodia of Women’s Folk Operetta and Kao Phaba (Ordeal of the Bull) directed by S Singhajit Sharma of Aryan Theatre will be staged at the Indigenous Theatre Festival of North East India to be held from April 2 to 30 at Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts (IGNCA) complex, Dr. Rajendra Prasad Road, New Delhi.
The Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts (IGNCA), New Delhi in collaboration with Srimanta Sankaradeva Kalakshetra, Guwahati is organising the mega event at the national capital after the festivals were performed at some selected places in north eastern states a few days back.
Sources from the IGNCA says that the festival will consist of cultural performances from April 2 to 10, Workshop on Indigenous Theatre of North East India: Past, Present and Future from April 4 to 7, DIGH-BANI: an Exhibition on the Textiles of North East India from April 2 to 30 and Crafts Bazar and Food Court from April 2 to 10.
Artistic Director of IGNCA Theatre Festival, Prof. Lokendra Arambam said that the insight of the festival was to expose the indigenous theatres of North East India which had contributed substantially to the development of artistic and cultural discourse of the eight states through their original pristine forms, substantiated from ritual, dramatic encounters and other proto-theatrical traditions for documentation by the IGNCA.
The objective of the festival is to showcase the region’s unique theatre traditions before a wider audience comprising national and regional audience and to draw its attention to the vitality, strength and stability of the rich theatre forms of the north east Indian communities.
As many as 16 folk traditional plays from the north eastern states will be performed every day from 6-30 pm onwards from April 2 to 10.
Three plays from Manipur-Tangkhul Nurabi, Loi Kaba and Kao Phaba will be staged on April 3, 7 and 10.
Three plays from Assam-Devi Durga directed by Girija Goswami of Kamrupia Dhulia Dal, Janong-Jinang by Rayanti Rabha of Manchalongka Rabha Troupe and Kongxoloya  by Hemant Dutta of Srimanta Sankaradeva Kalakshetra will be performed on April 4, 6 and 8.
Two plays from Mizoram- Sakei-Lu-Lam by Dr. L.T.Khiangte of Mizo Theatrical Guild and Lianhnuna and Tlanthangi by F. Hrangmuona of Mizoram Drama Troupe will be performed on April 2 and 7.
Two plays from Arunachal Pradesh- The Legend of Choegal Norzang by Suk Bahadur of Performing Arts of Lo-Mankhar and Chati Kango by Chow Sanjoy Mein of Tai-Khanti Heritage and Literature Society will be staged on April 4 and 6.
Two plays from Sikkim- Balan by T.R.Khonal of Nepali Folk Theatre and Angulima by R.D. Lepcha of Lepcha Theatre Group will be staged on April 3 and 9.
Two plays from Tripura- Longtoraini Ekolobya by Nanda Kumar Deb Barma of Sampili Theatre Group and Radhar Man Bhajan of Shri Nikhil Sarkar of Novaday Opera will be performed on April 5 and 9.
One play from Meghalaya- Du-Kon directed by Pabitra Rabha of A-Chik Theatre will be staged on April 8 and a play from Nagaland- Lichaba’s Daughter by Arenla Subong of Dreams Unlimited on April 5. Free entry and parking for the public will be provided by the IGNCA.


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