UKLF clarifies


IMPHAL, Mar 17: The UKLF has today clarified on the reports in some local newspapers regarding the arrest of the `alleged` UKLF`s members by the Bishnupur police and the 16th Maratha Light Infantry.
A statement of the SoO signatory has clarified that the arrested persons were in no way link to the UKLF group, not in the past and nor in the present. There is no person named Thangminlen Lhungdim alias Lenin in the UKLF cadres operating in that area and the statement has further refuted the claim made by them. These are purportedly the work of anti UKLF outfits that have sponsored new groups to tarnish the image of the UKLF. There is no doubt about new outfits formed and sponsored by certain outfits with the whole purpose of repressing the UKLF’s effort in ushering in progress, beneficial for all the communities, it maintained.
It further mentioned that after signing the SoO, the UKLF has ceased to engage in activities which are against the SoO ground rules and does not believe in torturing people or asking ransoms. The UKLF abides by the SoO ground rules not only in principle but in action too and asked the public not to come to quick conclusion of reports that seeks to malign the image of the group.
The group further appeal to all UG groups and civil organisations to condemn such degrading acts and policies of divide and rule by certain groups. These groups are no doubts outfits who are against the UPF`s policies and are not willing to come to the table for collaboration, the statement signed by its Information and Publicity secretary has added.


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