UNLF debunks GK Pillai’s statement


IMPHAL March 9:The UNLF in a press statement from its Central Committee debunks the statement of Home Secretary GK Pillai made recently at a Tribal Exchange Program held at Ukhrul. The release states that the comment of GK Pillai stating that ,since the arrest of the UNLF Chairman and other top leaders of the outfit, UG groups have taken interest in starting peace talks is baseless and fictional. There is no truth in his statement and the UNLF still carries on the war of independence relentlessly, the outfit states that the leader and others may have been arrested but the UNLF still functions like clockwork and without any hindrances, the release said. 
The stance of the Indian Government is a direct violation of the directives 53/144 of the UN made on December 9, 1998.But,the outfit will never compromise on its stance of holding the plebiscite which is in itself a real democratic exercise, and the imperialist ways of the Indian government will never be able to subdue the liberation movement, it said.
The words of the union secretary is tantamount to highlighting the fake agenda of the Indian Government, saying that a need to bring an amicable end to the Manipur –India conflict and on the other hand sending in scores of troops itself betray their true intentions. It is natural to suffer losses and casualties in the liberation movement, but arresting the chairman and other senior members and believing that the path to holding peace talks is paved is a folly of  India, the it maintains.
Further it added, devious means are hatched by the Indian Government to fool the public and also to lure the other outfits. The Central Committee believes that peace talks and suspension of operations are traps of the Indian Government. Under the imperialist rule ,there is no sense in demanding autonomy, greater autonomy or alternative political arrangement and this is yet another trap set so that the communities create warlike situations amongst ourselves. This can be viewed as a bargaining chip by sidelining the sacrifices made by the thousands of freedom fighters of both the hill and the valley, the release states.


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