Vehicle registration increase by 40,000 during 2010


IMPHAL, March 25: The 10th Session of the 9th Manipur Legislative  Assembly which began from March 8 has concluded today with the passing of three government bills in the house after an active considerations participated by the members from opposition bench.
The Bills which were passed on the last day of the session today includes the Manipur Appropriation (No.2) Bill, 2011 incorporating Rs.6885.57 crores, the Salaries and Allowances of Members of the Legislative Assembly (Manipur) Nineteenth Amendment and Validation Bill, 2011 and the Motor Vehicles Taxation (Amendment) Bill, 2011.
Before passing the Bills, the state Chief Minister O Ibobi Singh while considering the passing of the Motor Vehicles Taxation and Validation Bill and speaking on the increasing numbers of vehicles in the state, said that of the 141, 873 vehicles as registered with the motor vehicle department of the state in the year 2010, the year saw an increased of 40 thousand vehicle with maximum increase seen in the two-wheelers.
He further maintained that seeing the increase in the numbers of vehicles in the state, the government has been calling cabinet meetings from time to time to discuss the traffic control system of the state especially in the heart of Imphal. He also added that implementation of the Motor Vehicles Taxation Act with new agenda like green tax will help state public in maintaining air pollution.
Senior opposition leader O Joy while supporting the Motor Vehicles Taxation Act put up by the ruling government, maintained that the concern department should maintained proper decorum while collecting the taxes which will benefit the people of the state. The Speaker of the Manipur Legislative Assembly, I Hemochandra also supported the Bill and maintained that the bill will help the state in increasing state revenue.
At the end of the business of the Assembly session Speaker Manipur Legislative Assembly I Hemochandra, announced the numbers of business conducted during the session as he mentioned that in the house today that there are 14 days sittings during which 50 demands have been passed, and there were 76 star question and 7 un-star questions raised during the session, besides there were two private members resolutions placed during the sessions and 11 papers were laid on the table of the house.
The speaker before adjourning the 10th session of the 9th Manipur Legislative assembly appealed to the members of the house that from the nest sitting of the house, the members should submit their necessary documents relating questions and replies and other related documents a week before the start of the session for the smooth conduct of the assembly after which the Speaker announced Sine die adjourned of the 10th Session of the 9th Manipur Legislative Assembly in the house this afternoon.


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