Yet another militant outfit floated


Imphal, Mar 2 (NNN): A Zeliangrong based militant outfit has been floated with a slogan, `Zeliangrong Ringtelo,` meaning `Long live the Zeliangrong people`.

The new underground outfit christened as Zeliangrong United Front (ZUF) was floated on February 25 with a primary aim to protect the Zeliangrong interest.

Talking to Newmai News Network today, chairman of the outfit Kamson said ZUF stands for the Zeliangrong unity and integrity with `the powerful` slogan `Zeliangrong Ringtelo`.

According to the chairman of the outfit who wants to be identified himself with only the name Kamson, ZUF is purely democratic in principle.

`We will defend the land and resources of the Zeliangrong people, our culture, our historical values, traditional and customary habitats of the Zeliangrong community,` pledged Kamson. He also said ZUF`s jurisdiction falls over the `Zeliangrong Naga` inhabited areas in Assam, Manipur and Nagaland.

Kamson then stated that ZUF is not against other revolutionary groups. `ZUF shall strive to maintain good relationship with all the neighbouring revolutionary movements especially in the north eatern states,` said Kamson. The Zeliangrong militant chief then said that ZUF shall strive to protect the interest of other minority groups and tribes in the region. ZUF appeals all to extend co-operation, support and help of all kinds “in defence of human rights”.

Jenchui Kamei is the `commander-in-chief of the outfit, Aihong Remroi Inpui is the outfit`s `joint secretary` or (secretary in-charge), Hensin Kamson is `finance secretary` and Nickson Thoitak is the ZUF deputy `commander-in-chief`.


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