Awareness on Manipur Village Authority Act and its effects spreading in hill areas


IMPHAL, April 15: The awareness campaign on the proposed “Manipur (Village Authority in the Hill Areas) (Amendment) Act, 2011” and its Effects on Hill Tribals Land, is gaining momentum with another responsive gathering today at Saikul Sub-Division.
The campaign was held at Saikul Village Community Hall organized by the SAHILCA entering its third leg.
The gathering strongly opposed the proposed amendment to the act unanimously resolved the desperate need for extension of autonomy in the hill district. The meet expressed that the existing acts always have been unaccepted by tribals adding if the Government is serious about protecting the Manipur Tribals the provisions of the sixth Schedule of the Constitution of India be extended to the Hill areas of Manipur or autonomy be provided at the earliest possible.
While delivering the key note address SAHILCA president, Tongkhothang Kipgen, maintained that if the need for abolishing the chieftainship arises the chiefs will handle the burden.
The need of the hour is autonomy and it is obvious that all the relevant steps will follow, said the SAHILCA president adding it asked the motive behind the amendment.
While speaking as the resource persons during the campaign Rev. Rihang Chothe president HERICOUN, observed that the motive of the amendment was to centralize power in the centre and take control of the hills.
While giving wake up call Rev. Rihang Chothe, stated that the hill people especially chiefs have had enough. He further stated that the amendment aims to extend the MLRA in the hills in an attempt of safeguarding boundaries by the Majority.
“We are not drifters but the indigenous people of the state and history is the evidence, it is high time to stand up against any threat and confront to safeguard the lands passed down by our forefathers who shed their blood to safeguard it,” said Rev. Rihang Chothe.
The progamme was attended by several chiefs of the sub-division, MDCs, social leaders including members of the SAHILCA.


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