AZSU condemns Assam police


IMPHAl, April, 11:  All Zeliangrong Studnets’ Union strongly condemns the Assam police who let loose reign of terror on the peaceful demonstrators at Haflong NC district Assam on the  April 8 this month.
The official statement of the union mentioned that, the demonstrators  were coming out in support of peaceful bandh called by the  Indigenous  people Forum demanding bifurcations of the NC Hills Autonomous District Councils, i.e one for the  Dimasa and the  other one for the Indigenous  people. It is the  democratic rights of the  indigenous people to demand for any political arrangement within the purview  of the Indian Constitution.
The statement further urged that, why should they be treated as criminals, and enquired about Telangana state and Gorkhaland state demands even though their people have resorted to violent protest and abuses, However, police of Andhra Pradesh, Bengal have treated them as fellow human being and allowed them to express their democratic rights.
 The statement also further questioned why Assam police had come down so heavily upon those peaceful demonstrators, nine persons were injured severely when the police lathicharged them hurting Lalengzou Hauhar, 24, Tongillal Lhouvum 22, Luthua Singson, 24, Sumsanglal Zate, 30, Teusuibe Zeme, 32, Teutuile Zeme, 22, Insatliang Riangme, 22, Haimuing and Adinle Kaume, 30 all residence of Halflong NC Hills.
The release further mentioned that, the demand of  the IPF for bifurcation of NC Hill Autonomous District Council is a justified one as NC hills is a heterogeneous district where 64% populations are non Dimasa but the Dimasa who represents only 34% of population dominates.
There is nothing wrong in bifurcating the autonomous district council into ethnic lines i.e one for Dimasa and another for non-Dimasa indigenous people for bringing party in term of development among various ethnic groups living in the district.
Mentioning on all these fact, the union has urged the state Assam Government to take necessary actions against the  ASP Amitabh Singha and  Shaker Swarggway ()C) and those high handed Assam Police personnel who involved in the  indiscriminate firing upon those peaceful demonstrators, and further demanded for payment of compensation to those injured victims and bear the medical expenses by the government of Assam the release added.


  1. Indigenous people s forum should resort to indefinite economic blockade of Dima Haso or NC Hills as they call to drew attention of Assam Government. Further they should cut off any connection with Assam Government if they do not heed to their demand. Next they should organise rallies in New Delhi demanding Alternative arrangement of IPF in Dima Haso.


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