Bravo To Konthoujam MLA – Shri K. Sarat!


Original Source: The Imphal Free Press


Shri K. Sarat, the Hon’ble MLA of Konthoujam Assembly Constituency has proved to be a “MAN OF THE PEOPLE” by overcoming the power of money and muscle of the ruling Congress Party. He deserves all praises and appreciations from the people of Manipur and all our heartiest congratulations are extended to him. Shri K. Sarat was the Headmaster of our School – Azuram Junior High School, Tousem Sub-Division of Tamenglong District for more than 15 years. He is really a leader and the man who possesses all good qualities of efficiency, kindness and sense of patriotism. He saw people with sympathy and extended any help to those people who were in need.

Shri K. Sarat as a Teacher helped the good and promising youngsters of the village to grow in knowledge through moral and financial support extended to them by him. Many young people were given employment opportunities through his effort. He is found to be a Man of Action. He speaks out what he can do and does it. He has also created history by winning the Bye-Election of the Constituency on Trinamul Congress Party Ticket for the first time. His term is so short but as a forerunner his winning on Trinamul Congress Party ticket has paved the way for other aspiring candidates to contest on these Party tickets. We also come to know that this party shall rule West Bengal and other eastern states one day seeing the dynamism and patriotism of Ms. Mamata Banerjee, National President of the Party. When the people are very poor, they are always dependent on the “money power” of the ruling party i.e. Congress Party in spite of the fact that they wish to put up the patriotic and zealous public leaders as their MLA’s.

We wish Shri K. Sarat to be the man behind the success of many incoming MLA’s who would rule the land as Ministers in the coming 10th Assembly Election of Manipur in 2012. Everyone is aware of the fact that ruling Congress Party will not be able to capture majority seats. Minimum 20 seats may be captured so the ruling Party needs to ally with Trinamul Congress Party or other National Parties before the General Elections so as to ensure victory of the SPF Government.

Yours faithfully
Azuram Village Authority.


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