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College teachers claim govt defying SC ruling

IMPHAL, April 9: Federation of College Teachers`™ Association in a press release condemned the government`™s failure to adopt the UGC scale and failure to pay arrears for college teachers in the state.

It stated that other states of the country have already implemented UGC scale of pay and their counterparts have been getting the scale for more than a year and even paid all pending arrears.

Union Ministry of Human Resource Development in a letter No. 1-32/2006-U.II/U>I(i) and 1-32/2006-U.II/U(ii) dated 31st December 2008 had notified all states in implementing UGC scale of pay but Manipur government till now failed to implement and follow the order of union ministry in the state irritating all the college teachers in Manipur.

The government in the past was notified that a cease work strike would be taken up by the college teachers which would be a huge impact to the student community but abandoned the strike as a MoU was signed between the chief minister and the college teachers.

College teachers from previous instances know the college students do not go to coaching centres if classes in the college are not held and seldom study at their home. It especially affects the financially weaker section of students as richer sections of the society send off their wards to other states for further studies thus affecting the weaker sections of the society of the state as a whole.

College teachers treat all young students as their own children and it would be impossible for the teachers to betray them by not teaching them and undergo strikes, the release stated.

Unfortunately the society have failed to understand the woe of the college teachers and the government also have failed in taking up concrete steps in implementing the 6th pay commission to some sections of its employees even though it is almost two years that the scale of pay was implemented in other states of the country. The college teachers cannot argue why the scale of pay should not be implemented in Manipur while other states have adopted the pay scale.

It also stated that UGC scale was implemented in the state as done in other parts of the country since 1973 which is a national policy for education and must be implemented equally throughout India. A Supreme Court ruling had stated that difference in pay when central government has accepted the national commission report and benefits to all is teachers working in union territories and states, then denial of higher pay scale as per report in arbitrary and violative of article 14.

A national education policy was created by the late prime minister Rajiv Gandhi in the form of New Education Policy as well as Prime Minister Manmohan Singh`™s National Knowledge Commission to enhance higher education and human resource development. Non implementation of the education policy by the state means defying the central government`™s policy it stated.

It is widely known that improvement in education policy not only means enhancing infrastructure of education but also encouraging the teachers without which any education policy would be meaningless. This is the reason why UGC recommended a separate scale of pay especially for teachers.

The college teachers cannot accept the state governments policy to amend the schemes and guidelines of UGC and trying to enforce them by implementing the amended act in Manipur. The college teachers also threatened that various forms of agitation would be taken up if the government fails to employ the understanding signed between the government and the college teachers.



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