Discussion points out need for written test in teacher recruitment


IMPHAL, April 28: A one day discussion on the recruitment of RMSA and SSA teachers on mark basis was held on April 27 at the Seminar Hall of Imphal College organized by DESAM.
The discussion was moderated by Dr. S. Gyaneswor Singh, former principal, DM College of Teacher Education, Imphal and was participated by various representatives of student organizations among others.
A statement issued by DESAM said that the participants after due discussion on the issue unanimously adopted recommendations for implementation by the Government of Manipur.
According to the statement, the discussion has recommended for the government to set up a teacher recruitment board for RMSA and SSA teachers immediately, to constitute state advisory council to advice the state government on implementation of the provision of the RTE Act, 2009.
It further maintained that setting up of the teacher recruitment board and the constitution of State Advisory Council will help in the proper implementation and management of education and recruitment of quality teachers in the State, observed the gathering.
The discussion also appreciated the spirit of the state government for appointment of RMSA teachers on marks basis for transparency. However, it has certain reservations with it due to complications which could raised during the process of screening of candidates for recruitments which included wide variation of marking systems of different boards and universities of India.
It further added that every stage of education reforms carries different marking system.
The discussion has further stated that the recruitment style neglects the right of equal opportunity and principal of fairness, and to be against the established recruitment policy and practices of Teachers recruitment both in central and state government.
Moreover over it noted that it does not reflect the cut of marks of candidates for appearing the interview in the advertisement. 
In the meantime, the gathering suggested that written test should be a major part of the recruitment policy. Besides, appointing an eminent educationist as chairperson and subject experts as a member of the selection board as recommended by Manipur state Education commission, 1992, was also suggested.
The discussion also suggested various other recommendations for the government, it added.


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