Editorial – Exploitation becoming part of life


Leader writer: Leivon Jimmy

Exploitation is becoming a part of life in Manipur or we can say that we are living with it everyday. It is around us and passes by un-noticed. What we have to do is just to observe carefully for there are many forms of exploitation taking place right before us. The nature of it is sometime in stealth mode and the other is quite opposite however both have its own adverse impact.

On the other hand, the perpetrator can be categories in two ways when observed in the context of Manipur. One is triggered out of desperation while the other makes complete sense of the very `exploitation` word, the selfish and vested interest lying beneath with due regard of ones feelings and sentiment.

The later is the factor that has triggered frustration and anger in the mind of the people and a close cousin of `corruption`, a root cause of the all prevailing unwanted mayhem in the state and as well as the entire country. This handy work can only be performed by those who have the influence and guts and who themselves is the guts or influence.

To give an example is the recent reports which came to the limelight of providing the old age pension to a 35 year old woman in Thoubal. It is quite an embarrassment for the state for we could be viewed by others as a state unable to define what an `old age`™ means. Moreover, it is the question of deprivation of right of a hapless, destitute section. Let us not be fast judging and see the positive side, and weigh whether it is fair for local adjustment if necessary?, an old lady, who could be a widow and on one hand a young woman at her mid 30, with husband?. God Knows. This is just an exceptional case that could hit the news stand and came to the notice of the public however there might be many such cases or worse than this unable to see the light and hidden underneath waiting to be unearthed.

Coming to the other form of exploitation referring to is `Exploitation of resource and things around us`™, a common site and might view as usual an ineffective one. However it is very much threatening. Extinction, endangered and climate change are few words that are the outcome of it.

One of the most concerning of these is the deforestation. It has become an issue that needs a serious attention from the government side as well as the NGOs. The demand for end product of trees is growing with the growing of the population. Minimising the scope of elaboration, charcoal vendors only in some of the Imphal East area is evident of the degree of demands. The shops store charcoal in bulk, a sign of fallen trees.

At the same time, many fish species, animals have become extinct and some on the verge of extinction. The reason I should say is excessiveness. There are no limits for everything in our state. It won`™t be wrong to say that Fishermen fish in their own will, for even immature fish are put up for sale. Not only fish even vegetable vendors or grower are doing the same.

There are many reasons for the act of exploitations. To point out few includes the desperate situation due to poverty, lack of awareness, growing number of demands, unemployment and vested interest etc. It should be prevented for it can target one after another and until the target becomes everyone of us.


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