Financial assistance given for state ponies


IMPHAL, April 21: The Manipur State Veterinary and Animal Husbandry Department has handed over a sum of Rs seven lakhs to the Manipur Horse Riding and Polo Association as an act of encouragement for its endeavor on Pony breeding project.
The monetary assistance was handed over during a small ceremony held at the office chamber of the director of Vety. & A.H. The ceremony was attended by IS Laishram, principal secretary, director fire service, representatives of the Horse Riding Association, S. Budhachandra and other officials of the Vety&A.H department.
The principal secretary IS Laishram, during the function maintained that considering the importance of preserving the unique species the department has been providing financial assistance to the Manipur Horse Riding Association for raising Manipuri Ponies, which has rendered considerable service for developing the animal through the implementation of one pony project.
 Further encouraging the efforts a sum of rupees 77 Lakhs has been sanctioned by the central government in the year 2005 of which 45 Lakhs has been given to the association for developing ponies.
At the same time the principal secretary assured that the remaining 32 Lakhs will be given away during the month of May.In addition to that the authority concerned will provide financial assistance for the entire individual pony farm, informed the principal secretary.


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