GAD targets to raise Rs. 69 lakhs from Bhavan room rent


IMPHAL. April 17: The state General Administrative Department (GAD) Manipur Secretariat despite of exercising control over the departments/offices under the state government is keeping its target to collect a total amount of Rs. 69 lakhs as state revenue for letting out of rooms, conference halls etc from all Manipur Bhavans including Delhi Manipur Bhawan, Manipur Tekendrajit House, Delhi, Manipur Bhawan, Kolkata, Manipur Bhawan, Guwahati & State Guest house, Imphal operating under this department during the current financial year.According to the Annual administrative report submitted to the state government for the GAD for the year 2010-11, it has been mentioned that, the GAD has controlled over departments and offices under the state government in respect of multifarious affairs which includes Chief Minister’s Secretariat, Manipur Bhawans located outside the state, printing and Stationary Department, State Guest House Sanjenthong, Imphal etc.The official report also mentioned that, the GAD has been achieving through works taken up during the financial year 2010-1, which includes, procuring of four numbers of silent DG sets (250-KV) at the cost of Rs.20 crores for ensuring 24 hours un-interrupted power supply to all the secretariat offices/Blocks including Minister’s Block. Overall improvement of all the Secretariat Buildings, State Guest House, Sanjenthong, Imphal and installation of Fire equipments are being done in consultation with state PWD.It is also mentioned that, GAD is responsible for dispatching important government letters to various offices within the state as well as outside the state, Government Oil Depot which is operating under the control of GAD (Welfare) proves to be very helful, convenient during bandhs, holidays and Sundays and is also instrumental in regulating economical use of fuel by the vehicles under state government.The official report also mentioned that, GAD (Welfare) is responsible for declaring VVIPS/VIPs visiting the state as ‘State Guest” thereby providing necessary arrangement for transportation, accommodations, state dinners, cultural programmes etc. other than protocol duties/works during their stay in the state. Hence, to enhance the transportation facilities GAD (Welfare) have purchased seven new vehicles and another eight new vehicles being procured during this financial year in addition to the existing fleet of GAD’s vehicles. Moreover, two new vehicles for Manipur Bhawan , Delhi three new vehicles for Manipur Bhawan Kolkata and one new vehicle for for Guwahati have also been purchased by GAD.The Official Annual report of the GAD also mentioned that, construction works of of Manipur Bhawan at Ulubari, Guwahati by the state PWD is nearing completion and will be handed over to GAD very shortly and will be available/dedicated to the public for accommodation, recently, Manipur Liaison Office under the control of GAD has been opened at Bengaluru, Karnataka to help solve problems faced by the Manipuris working/studying there with the help of local administration.It is also further mentioned that, purchase of land at Silchar, Assam for opening a new Manipur Bhawan is underway, the construction of a second Manipur Bhawan at Salt Lake, Kolkata is in progress and is expected to be completed by 2012.Further, modernization of Printing and Stationary Department, Manipur (Government Press) is being taken up by the state government by procuring new machineries, development of infrastructure, imparting trainings etc. for which an amount of Rs.50 lakhs has been provided under State Plan during the financial year 2010-11, the official annual administrative report of GAD added.


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